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Nuclear North Korea
China on North Korea: Don’t Blame Us

With the North Korean nuclear crisis escalating, President Trump has repeatedly accused Beijing of refusing to use its control over Pyongyang to curb the latter’s nuclear program. Today, however, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi denied that implication, blaming rising tensions on Seoul and Washington as much as Pyongyang. Financial Times:

“The two sides are like two accelerating trains coming towards each other with neither side willing to give way,” Mr Wang said. “The question is are the two sides really ready for a head-on collision? Our priority is to flash the red light and apply brakes on both trains.” […]

But he also insisted that “the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula is mainly between [North Korea] and other states”, namely South Korea and the US. Instead of refusing to negotiate with Pyongyang until Kim Jong Un abandons his nuclear programme, Beijing advocates a “dual-track” approach.

“To defuse the looming crisis on the peninsula, China proposes as a first step [that North Korea] suspends its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for a halt of the large-scale US-[South Korean military] exercises,” Mr Wang said.

The Chinese are posing as the responsible actors here, but that disingenuous posture is unlikely to go over well in Washington or Seoul. And Wang’s initial proposal that South Korea and the United States suspend their military exercises, in the uncertain hope that North Korea will play along and engage in productive talks, is likely to be dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, as China deflects the blame for Pyongyang’s activity, it continues to pressure Seoul over its deployment of the THAAD missile defense system. The installation of that system is currently underway, and China has registered its disapproval with coercive economic measures, from shutting down South Korean Lotte stores in China to encouraging boycotts of Korean goods and banning Chinese tour groups from the country. The severity of the Chinese response has surprised many in South Korea, creating the impression that China is devoting more diplomatic energy to petty retaliation over THAAD than actually addressing the North’s nuclear aggression.

Wang’s latest words show how difficult it will be for Trump to solicit China’s cooperation in restraining Pyongyang.  The Chinese ban on coal imports from North Korea offered initial hope that they might be changing tack, but prospects for intensified pressure now seem fainter. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson heads to Asia next week with North Korea high on the agenda; the trip should provide an indicator of whether the United States and China can find common ground on the crisis.

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  • Observe&Report

    We’ve all seen this movie before: North Korea tests another missile or nuclear bomb, the US and ROK make military preparations in response to the threat, China waxes lyrical about peacefully resolving the issue whilst continuing to support North Korea diplomatically and economically, rinse and repeat.

    • f1b0nacc1

      The cast of this particular movie has changed, however….we have a different actor playing the lead role.

      While I share your belief that this will likely alter nothing, one might hope…

  • KremlinKryptonite

    Yeah, don’t blame us. We only gave the regime missile tech and nuke tech, and account for 90% of its trade.
    The CCP is just bad at foreign policy and playing the long game.
    A weed smoking poli-sci major at a state school could figure that helping NK only justifies the US helping SK

    • Unelected Leader

      The Chi Comms aren’t too bright. That’s why they managed to kill more Chinese than Tojo and they weren’t even trying to. Just losers.

      • Hey! Everyone makes mistakes 😛

        • KremlinKryptonite

          LOL well this wasn’t your mistake, Xi. Yours has been unraveling years of careful effort to convince Asia of “peaceful rise” and “win win”

      • Andrew Allison

        Au contraire, they are very bright and intent on retaining power at any cost. Stalin did the same thing, and Putin is doing it more subtly by sucking the economy dry.

        • D4x

          Jon Huntsman just accepted nomination for US Ambassador to Russia. That should be interesting. News buried in Daily Mail coverage of FLOTUS’ hosting “…luncheon in the State Dining Room in honor of International Women’s Day. ‘As an immigrant myself, having grown up in a communist society, I know all too well the value and importance of freedom and equal opportunity,’ the first lady said, according to prepared remarks provided to CNN. ‘Ideas which this great nation was founded and has continued to strive towards throughout its history.’

          Mary Anne Huntsman, the concert pianist of the three Huntsman daughters, who claim former GOP presidential candidate and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman as their dad, was tapped to provide music for the lunch.

          Her mother Mary Kaye Huntsman posted a photo of her daughter playing on Instagram.

          Jon Huntsman also accepted the job of ambassador to Russia today. He previously served as ambassador to China under President Obama’s administration. …”

          By Nikki Schwab, U.s. Political Reporter For
          Published: 13:57 EST, 8 March 2017 | Updated: 19:05 EST, 8 March 2017

          Of course, my first thought was why no USA media reports like this. Good photos too.

          • Andrew Allison

            Do you seriously expect the US media to report anything even remotely positive about the President and his family???? Let alone the fact that beneath all the distraction, useful stuff is getting done.

          • Unelected Leader

            MSM works for the DNC. And CIA and DIA etc are all comprised. Remember the 2015 Chinese OPM hack? 20 million federal employees totally compromised and weaponized against Trump

          • Andrew Allison

            It wasn’t the Chinese who weaponized federal employees, but the despicable previous administration.

          • Unelected Leader

            The Chinese regime admitted that the attack was from China. They even went through the farcical motion of arresting some “cyber criminals” for it. And then that’s all we heard.

          • D4x

            Yes, I do expect US media to report on a FLOTUS speech, just the facts. So, I extrapolate, and this bias makes all other ‘news’ reason to not trust ANYTHING they report, on ANY topic, including China and North Korea. Women’s Wear Daily is the sole US media source reporting FLOTUS’ speech in detail. Where is anyone else noting this?:

            In honor of International Women’s Day, she addressed a White House crowd that included members of the United Nations Women for Peace Association and Girl Scouts of America. Calling for greater inclusiveness
            regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, Trump encouraged attendees to share in her campaign for a world with more tolerance. FLOTUS had conversations with guests, according to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, senior adviser and chief strategist to the First Lady, who gave details on the event.

            Her designer of choice for the occasion was Ralph Lauren, with a sleeveless black wool dress with leather trim details on the shoulders. The announcement of next month’s Easter egg roll at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
            seemed almost incidental considering what else is in store.

            In an exclusive to WWD, it was revealed that the First Lady was proud to have the support of the Girl Scouts at Wednesday’s event and she spurred them on to try to earn a Girl Scouts Global Achievement Award. In doing
            so, they would join scouts in the U.S. and 90 countries learning about global issues affecting girls, young women and women. Trump urged them to become part of a movement that is 10 million strong “who are together sowing the seeds of global social change.”

            In her formal remarks in front of guests that included the U.N. Women Peace Associates chairwoman Muna Rihani Al-Nasser, president Barbara Winston and Vice President Ruma DuPont, Trump said, “Throughout history and
            around the globe, we have seen a common thread in the ongoing struggle for equal rights, personal achievement and the betterment of society through the collaboration of women who together believed in a brighter future for
            themselves and for their children. As an immigrant myself, having grown up in a communist society, I know all too well the value and importance of freedom and equal opportunity — ideals which this great nation was founded on and has continued to strive toward throughout its history. “

            Striking a more serious tone, she said, “But, there remains far more brutal and terrifying incarnations of actual gender persecution which we must face together, such as forced enslavement, sexual abuse and absolute
            repression of far too many women and girls around the globe. We must remember these women in our daily prayers and use our combined resources to help free them from such unthinkable and inhumane circumstances.”


            I had no idea there is a United Nations Women Peace Associates group. One wonders what they do.
            It was a substantial speech. It deserves to be heard.

  • D4x

    Does China, or NorK, want to disrupt PeyongChang Olympics, Feb. 9-25, 2018? Seems like trying to disrupt military exercise is a test run.

  • Angel Martin

    “To defuse the looming crisis on the peninsula, China proposes as a first step [that North Korea] suspends its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for a halt of the large-scale US-[South Korean military] exercises,”

    Fortunately Trump is now President. Only liberals would be foolish enough to fall for this gambit, yet again.

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