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Manchurian Candidate?
Trump Names Putin Hawk to NSC
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  • Disappeared4x

    Too much premature exposition on ‘grand bargains’ with Russia. Blame Russia for that too…or not.

  • LarryD

    “Grand Bargans” appeal to pride, if not hubris. Remember, Russians will abandon a deal in a heartbeat once it ceases to be to their advantage.

    • Proverbs1618

      Fact check: True.

      • Kev

        Like when Baker promised Gorbachev not to expand NATO east of Germany, and we know how that turned out.

  • Dhako

    I see you are still selling yourself the fiction that says whoever Mr Trump appoint in his administration is indication of which way Trump will jump at any given issue. And even to boot, you also of the opinion that, what Ms Haley says about Russia is really all there is to know about what Trump really thinks about Russia. Sometimes, I do not know, who is more gullible in here. In the sense of whether you genuinely believe half of this bogus assertion you are peddling in here. Or whether you are that sort of “intellectual chancers” (with no sense of shame) to think that you could fob off your intelligent readers with this kind of nonsense-on-stilts, in which you are genuinely foisting up in here, particularly for the edification of the said readers.

    No, I am afraid, that is not the case, chaps. And the real truth is, just like Ms Haley at the UN, this Fiona Hill lady is no more than a paper-carrier for Mr Trump’s National Security Council (NSC). Or at any rate, she is nothing but a “glorified facade” intended to give folks like you something to which you could then sell it to the critics of Mr Trump’s approach to Russia. Particularly in the sense of this parish (like now) gloating self-servingly and saying look what Trump has done. Is that the conduct of a puppet? Furthermore, Ms Fiona Hill, of course, will report to the White-House’s chain-of-command. And in that sense, she will be no more authoritative in setting up the direction of the Trump’s policy towards Russia, any more than the mid-level career appointee in Obama’s National Security Council (NSC) was in a position in setting up the Obama’s policy towards Iran (for example).

    Hence, as I said it earlier, lets us know the day, the likes of Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Conway, Matis, or even Tillerson, hold a press conference, just to articulate a deep and multi-faceted critical denunciation that goes line by line of method of examining Putin’s policy. But till then, please, spare telling your readers this fiction that says, this the latest PR missives from the likes of Ms Haley at the UN; or this newly hired-help at National Security Council (NSC) genuinely signifies some sort of “earth-shattering revelation” in-terms of what truly is the policies of Mr Trump, happens to be, in any policy areas you could care to list.

    • Icepilot

      Expanding U.S. energy production will hurt Russia.
      Increasing U.S. military spending will constrain Russia.
      Neither policy helps Russia.

      • Nexusfast123

        Overbearing US hubris will amuse Russia.

  • sacip

    To: VP
    From: DJT
    Re: Heads-Up

    Just wanted you to know that I’m appointing Fiona Hill to the NSC. Not to worry—-just covering my butt—may result in some favorable publicity. Lord knows, I could use some.

    Hope all is well.

    • Dhako

      Exactly. And, like a clock-work, this rag-sheet seems to have started the ball rolling for that “contrive publicity” on behalf of Mr Trump. And to think there was a time, not that long ago, in which this site had a passing acquaintance with the conduct of intellectual sobriety, beggars belief. Specially when you compare their current professional vocation of being “obsequious sycophants” for all that is Mr Trump’s handiwork to what they had good claim of being back then.

      • Tom

        Scared, Dhako?

        • Dhako

          Scared of what? This buffoon you have as a President?

          • Tom

            Yeah. He’s more than a match for yours.

          • Kev

            Are you serious? Putin has been ranked most powerful man in the world by Forbes for 4 years in a row. Trump can’t control his own administration.

          • Tom

            He’s Chinese, not Russia

          • SDN

            When Trump can get Democratic traitors out of his administration, you might have a point besides the one on your head.

          • Kev

            “When Trump can get Democratic traitors out of his administration”

            Do you realise how stupid does this sound? No past administration had a problem with leaks to the degree that Trump is having. So forget about Putin, Trump has yet to approach Obama’s level of managerial competence.

          • SDN

            No, he has yet to approach Obama’s hatred of this country. And your opinion means squat.

  • FriendlyGoat

    So when does Russia get ticked off enough to leak the supposed file of dirt it was rumored to have on Trump?

    • Dhako

      It’s all elaborate “kabuki theater” on the part of Mr Trump (or more precisely, on the part of Mr Bannon, since he is the actual brain behind every action of Trump’s administration). And the intention is play and posture to the gallery so that, this sort of rag-sheet and others, like Fox News and Breitbart news, could then say: “see Trump is getting tough with the Ruskies”. And, of course, not to be outdone, the Russians on their part, will return the favor by way of having some low-level Kremlin’s apparatchik speak ill of Trump’s administration and all of its actions towards Russia, such as the latest pronouncement of that lady, Ms Haley, at the UN.

      Hence, it could be safely said, that, if this choreograph diplomatic dance has the label of being the latest artistic production from a well reputed Japanese kabuki director, then, it really would have been considered as the height of a well staged kabuki play, which in turn, should have garnered accolades across the world.

      So don’t expect the Russians to shoot down their “golden goose” any time soon. Particularly with whatever dossier they have on Mr Trump at the moment. Unless he, himself, turn on them just to safe his akin from impeachment. And therefore decide to confess all of it, in return for him going quietly into the sunset without being harassed by courts, or with the prospects of doing a jail time. That is the only way this “devilish deal” between Trump and his Russian’s handlers, could eventually be seen to have broken down.

      • Dale Fayda

        “Unless he, himself, turn on them just to safe his akin from impeachment. And therefore decide to confess all of it, in return for him going quietly into the sunset without being harassed by courts, or with the prospects of doing a jail time. That is the only way this “devilish deal” between Trump and his Russian’s handlers, could eventually be seen to have broken down.”

        Who writes this copy for you, precious? You’re aware that it’s chock-full of grammatical and syntactic errors, right? Are you just running whatever your handlers feed you through an auto-translator? Are you sure you’re “Dhako”? From what I recall, he used to write better than this.

      • FriendlyGoat

        Somehow, this strikes me as more over-dramatized than Boris Badenov (look him up on Wikipedia if not familiar with Bullwinkle, the Moose.) I was just looking for the time interval needed before Mr. Putin understands that he made a world-class mess and becomes willing to fix it.

  • Kev

    Terrible choice. He might as well have picked NYT editorial board to advise him on Russia, cause that’s the quality of “advice” he will be getting.

  • Kevin


    Maybe Trump is just lining up a collection of “Bad Cops” to show the Russians what “No deal” looks like when “Good Cop” shows up to offer a deal thus making the deal look more attractive than the alternative…

    It seems the ideal posture is to be willing to work with the Russians if we can get a favorable agreement. Or maybe a second best is to cooperate on some issues while trying to de-escalate areas of disagreement. But we need to be ready to proceed without an agreement should one not be forthcoming.

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