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Gallup: American Support for Palestinian State Dwindles

Two charts from a new Gallup poll on American attitudes toward Palestine offer a neat summary of where things seem to be headed: First, support for an independent Palestinian state is dwindling.

And second, opinions on this issue are becoming increasingly polarized:

As recently as 2003, Republicans, Democrats and Independents were roughly on the same page when it came to Palestinian statehood. Since then, Democratic support has stayed constant or ticked upward and GOP support has collapsed. (This fits with a broader pattern we have noted before: As with immigration, abortion, and other hot-button issues where Democrats and Republicans used to overlap significantly, views on Israel-Palestine are becoming increasingly sorted along party lines).

Overall, however, the steep decline in GOP support for a Palestinian state overwhelmed continued Democratic commitment to the idea. As a result, supporters of an independent Palestine only lead opponents by three points—the smallest figure Gallup has recorded since the turn of the century. These trends in American public opinion is consistent with our decision to list the Palestinians as one of the seven biggest losers of 2016.

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