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Ukraine Flareup
How to Profit from a Standoff with the United States
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  • demboj

    The US has only one real interest in Asia, as in Europe, which is to make sure that no one country dominates the entire continent. That means building up all the nations surrounding China diplomatically, economically, militarily, and politically, so that they can resist the gravitational force of the Chinese Empire. That means that the US should be friendly with India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, the Philippines . . . AND Russia, or as many as are willing to work with us. Luckily, all of these powers fear China more than the US and will naturally prefer to be allied with the US rather than China. They have seen how over the past few decades we have made China rich and powerful and independent. China is close but we are far away. They know we can do the same for them and will not be making demands for territory or tribute. They know that we need them; they know that China does not need them. These Asian powers also know they do not have to come to the US on bended knee to negotiate. Therefore, making these nations rich and powerful and united should be the goal of American policy. A rich Russia is not sufficient to balance a rising China but it is necessary. Right now, China has no fear of Russia or anybody else. Therefore Trump’s policy of friendly relations with China, like his moves toward Taiwan, are part of an overall strategy which he has every reason to believe is in the US national interest.

  • Pait

    The idea that the regime would not be partial to Russia has subsequently been dismissed by the so-called president himself, who in a phone call with NATO referred to Russia’s invasion as “the conflict along the Ukrainian border”; source below.

    But Putin’s main interest is not to have an ally in the White House, which he knows to be hopeless in the longer run. Rather, he thinks that what is bad for America is good for his rule over Russia. Erosion of US credibility and democracy makes his autocracy stronger.

  • Greg

    Trump is bought by Russia and once he is investigated in depth it will show his ties to Russia. trump will never do anything that will cause his business interests to lose money. He makes far too much from Russians and it is Russia who provides loans to his business ventures. winder why Trump did not include any country in his travel ban where he has business interests? This man is out for one thing! That is to make as much money as he can as President, he would fit in very well in Putin’s world.

  • ვეფხისტყაოსანი

    Machiavelli’s advice to princes is equally applicable to nations. It is better to be loved than feared, but one cannot control love, so fear is the best strategy. But one must ensure that one never becomes hated.

    America wants to be loved — and is often despised. Russia wants to be feared — and is often hated.

    But Putin is smart enough to avoid the hatred of the West (though he will surely never be loved there); and he is happy indeed to engender hatred among the weak.

    He is also wise enough to reuse Soviet-era whataboutism — What about the corruption in Ukraine (Georgia, Kazakhstan, whatever)? What about the rights of ethnic Russians in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania?

    Our hope can only be that, after decades of weakness and fecklessness among the NATO countries (and especially over the past eight years), the accession of an impetuous and ignorant Trump to the American presidency will make it more difficult for such as Putin to plan — for no one (perhaps least of all Trump) knows what he will do.

  • Dhako

    I think the author didn’t get the latest “memo” from Mr Trump. In particularly, what Mr Trump said to his stenographer at the Fox News, by the name of Bill O’Reilly, which was when Bill suggested to Mr Trump that Putin is a known killer of his political oppositions. And without losing a beat, Mr Trump, replied that the US does plenty of killing. And to boot adding, as in icing on the cage, by wondering aloud as to why Bill assumes that the US is so innocent from the crime of murdering people. Now this is the sitting president of US making a “moral equivalence” of the US and Putin’s Russia.

    Of course, it has to be said, that, any mouth-breathing conservatives would have died with heart-attack brought about by sheer paroxysms, if it was President Obama who have made this sort of talk. And yet in the land of Trump, true to his assertion of saying that he would not lose any vote if he were to gun down people in the fifth avenue in New-York, the silence of his supporters, seems to be deafening.

    Hence, lets pay attention to what the likes of Mr Trump has to say to his “financial benefactor” (or his political puppeteer in Moscow) by the name of Mr Putin, before we take Mr Trump’s minion and his political bag-carriers (in his administration) as if what they say has any larger meaning in-terms of what is the real relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Putin in the Kremlin.

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