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Racist Russians Insult Obama Hoping for Trump’s Approval
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  • Andrew Allison

    “Why this outpouring of such vile emotions now?” might perhaps be better applied to the absolutely disgusting behavior of the USA left in response to the recent election. But, of course, we know the answer: if you don’t agree with us, you are despicable.

    • Dale Fayda


  • Beauceron

    “Racist Russians Insult Obama Hoping for Trump’s Approval”

    So you’re tying a Russian reporter at Obama’s press conference to a Russian supermarket selling cutting boards to a Russian immigrant car dealer to a mediocre Russian novelist– and then wrapping them all up in a neat little bow and laying it at Trump’s feet?

    I am not really sure what to say about this post, other than that it’s a flailing effort at…something.

    • Not sure how it’s laying it at Trump’s feet…? Just a snapshot of Russian attitudes.

      • Beauceron


        So your considered opinion is that a Russian supermarket selling cutting boards with Obama as a monkey, a Russian immigrant car dealer Tweeting nasty things, and a minor Russian novelist writing hateful things, are all motivated in their actions “hoping for Trump’s approval”?
        Maybe the car dealer, who is “a huge Trump fan” but I don’t think most of these people care much about what Trump thinks beyond hoping he is pro-Russian.

      • Dale Fayda

        You’re lumping the Russian diaspora, many of whom aren’t even ethnic Russians and have no particular love for Putin and a little-know Russian writer who tweeted some profanities into a single entity, who are all just clamoring for Trump’s approval? Let’s see… The evidence for your assertion that “Russians insult Obama hoping for Trump’s approval” is based on the actions of a single Russian immigrant in the US, an anecdotal human interest story in provincial Russia and some nasty tweets from one Russian hack writer? That’s it? Are you seriously suggesting that all of these individuals are acting in order to receive a word of thanks from Trump? Really?

        As a Russian – American, I can tell with with 100% certainty that the Russian diaspora overwhelmingly despised Obama long before Trump ever appeared on the political scene. Many of them do not think much of Trump either, but having run away from socialism in USSR or from socialism-lite in the RF, they are solidly Republican in their political preferences. Even in the Bluest areas of NYC and northern NJ, Russian neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens and in Essex and Bergen counties are very much Red. And the fact that the population of Russia has nothing but contempt for Obama has also been well documented for years.

        Trump has nothing to do with any of this. Obama does.

  • Unelected Leader

    Meh. Obama is racist in a dangerous way. He loves bombing black and brown people, and supported Islamo-fascists in the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The most questionable Russians’ attitudes and the most questionable Americans’ attitudes are the same ducks in similar rows.

  • Fat_Man

    Less than 24 hours. Lord give us strength.

  • vepxistqaosani

    My experiences with Russians are now 30 years in the past — but I can attest that they are both the most hospitable and the most xenophobic and racist people I’ve run across. They do have a soft spot for Americans (or used to during the Reagan years) because they do admire strength. But the don’t much care for Ukrainians, Georgians, Letts, Latvians, Lithuanians, Tatars, Kazakhs, Chinese, Africans, Muslims, Japanese, … it’s a long list.

    • LarryD

      As Bin Laden said “people prefer the strong horse”. Obama was not a strong horse. Trump sounds like he’ll be a strong horse.

      So, of course, the Russians had no respect for Obama. They expect better of Trump.

    • Kev

      As a Russian, I can tell you, the soft spot is gone. Mainly because we don’t live behind the iron curtain anymore, and have grown familiar with you.

      • vepxistqaosani

        Ha! Fair enough. Alas, there will never be a sufficient number of Americans who speak Russian for any significant number of us to grow familiar with you.

      • Psalms564

        So you admit you’re a Russian Sergei!!! Spasibo!!!

  • ——————————

    Racisim is simply human nature from thousands of years of evolution…and no amount of comfortable technological lifestyle or academia is going to change it….

    • RedWell

      So … we just embrace it?

      • ——————————

        Your statement has nothing to do with my point…however, it is each individuals prerogative if they do or do not want to embrace it.
        I see nothing wrong with it. And no one is going to guilt me into thinking there is.
        I simply acknowledge, like all basic human behaviors, how and why it exists, and realize that thousands of years of human evolution cannot be guilted out of people because our recent technology artificially allows us to think we are morally above what we really are inside.
        We are just another example of Darwinism…and it has allowed us to survive, and shaped us into what we are today….

  • Kev

    LMAO. Obama took credit for destroying the Russian economy, “tearing it to pieces”, remember? Insulting him is the least Russians can do!

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    While I think the Russians are uncultured, being on the bare outskirts of Western Culture. They’re light years beyond the barbaric Islamics. Russia might even be successful at Democracy the next time it tries it. And I think that’s what Trump should work towards.

  • CapitalHawk

    This post is worthy of a personal blog (maybe), but certainly not TAI. There is not coherent internal structure. It starts a with headline about “Racist Russians”. But the lead in is a story about a Russian journalist shouting a question at Obama with no racist content whatsoever. Then it lurches into “Casual racism … in Russia” and cites two examples of such (wow, two examples, clearly sufficient to tar 100 million people). Then from “Casual racism … in Russia” we jump to the Facebook posts of a guy in Miami. Is this guy Russian? Who knows? But you know what we do know – that he runs a car shop in Miami, and here’s the link to that business! Doxing on TAI. Wow, just wow.

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