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City Blues
New York’s Terrible Fiscal Health
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  • Disappeared4x

    The total, from all taxes, tolls, and fees, total spending by New York City and State is a labyrinth. No one knows where that labyrinth’s exit was built…

    • Observe&Report

      You’re assuming they bothered to build one in the first place…

  • LarryD

    City dwellers have less space for their personal use, but after you add together all the support infrastructure a city takes, I question whither or not they use less space.

    And while cities are nicer for the upper class, when you factor in the social pathologies and corruption costs, they are arguably not good for society on balance.

  • seattleoutcast

    I feel sorry for upstate New Yorkers. I’d move to New Hampshire or another state that hasn’t been taken over by corrupt democrats. Unfortunately, moving is far easier said than done.

    Now, if we somehow could reverse the evil supreme court decisions from the Warren Court, such as Reynolds v Sims, upstate New York could have a say.

  • ljgude

    “De Blasio has been heralded as the future of the Democratic Party by many progressives. If that’s true, Democrats should be nervous. De Blasio’s tenure has so far included ongoing corruption investigations, major political missteps, and grandiose unfulfilled promises.”

    Oh dear. My great great grandfather died of pneumonia contracted knocking on doors on behalf of Boss Tweed. He ran a bar financed by Tammany Hall to give hard working Democratic politicians a place to enjoy my great grandmother’s cooing, and have a few beers while they discussed in privacy the next day’s corruption, political missteps and unfulfilled promises.

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