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On Venus, Have We Got a Rabbi!
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  • f1b0nacc1

    I have been a big fan of William Tenn since I was a boy. After I was married, I was one day talking with my wife (whose academic background was in Comparative Literature, and has less than no interest in science fiction) about an entirely unrelated issue and I mentioned one of my favorite authors, William Tenn. she laughed and told me that when she was a student at Penn State, her favorite professor was Phillip Klass, whose pen name was of course William Tenn. She confessed to me that she had never read any of his writings, a problem that I soon corrected!

    It is indeed a very small world it seems…

  • Disappeared4x

    A better Hanukkah present “to the world” from Tablet is “New Zealand’s Settler Problem: A Colonialist state founded on the theft of Maori land blames Israel for its own crimes ” By Liel Leibovitz December 26, 2016 • 2:25 PM

    Please take some time to read the whole thing:

  • Jim__L

    I remember reading a short story about various groups of people getting so sick of the grief that the other peoples of Earth gave them, they simply settled the rest of the galaxy. (“It all started with the Jews”, soon to be followed by every other group that felt like it would be better off away from the old hatreds and oppression).

    It was called “Would the last person off Earth please turn out the lights” or something of the kind.

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