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The Auld Alliance?
Spain Nixes Scottish Plan to Stay in the EU
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  • ljgude

    The future of the EU seems so uncertain at this stage that seeing it as an attractive destination might prove elusive. Rekindled Nationalism is just beginning to play itself out on the continent and the forces pushing individual states toward nationalism – particularly refugees containing an intolerable murderous element – doesn’t look like going away or being effectively handled by the usual EU bureaucratic process.

  • Andrew Allison

    Prior to the Scottish Independence referendum Juncker et al., clearly stated that an independent Scotland would need to apply for EU membership. This was seen at the time as a move to discouage other regions, notably Catalonia, Tyrol, etc. from doing so. While the SNP has cynically lied to the Scottish people in its quest for power, Toledo’s comment was clearly addressed to the Catalans.

  • Fat_Man

    It’s all about the Benjamins. Or, perhaps the Queen Elizabeths. Scotland is on the dole. As far as the EU is concerned Scotland is Greece without sunshine.

  • Observe&Report

    “Now it looks like Brexit could do more to keep Scotland in the EU than anything in a generation.”

    Given that the point of this article is that the SNP’s plans for independence just took a major hit, perhaps you meant to write “Brexit could do more to keep Scotland in the UK.”

  • Frank Natoli

    London is to Scotland as Madrid is to Catalonia. Now, why would Spaniards be hyper-sensitive about giving a renegade area of the country special recognition? Why, oh why?

  • Nevis07

    An important distinction to be made here is how the identity politics of the progressive wing in both the US and in Europe have helped move this specific moment along. Brexit is as much a moment of Scotland and Britain as it is for the US and Latin America.

    Having lived in Scotland for a time, I would point out that just as the Scots in the northern Highlands differ from their compatriots in Edinburgh and Glasgow (the two dominant cities, which are still ironically foes along Catholic/Protestant lines), lines are being drawn that were not previously drawn since the EU Schengen system was instituted. In many ways, the goal of identity political progressive leftists is pushed further and further from being realized by those hoping to rush it along, whether it be in the EU, Britain, or here in the United States.

  • Greg J

    Anyone who has ever set sight on a Scottish woman would know why he wants to cut ties.

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