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Not-So-Great Power Politics
Austria Fails to Halt Turkey Accession Talks
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  • Observe&Report

    Turks in Austria and Germany came primarily as guest-workers and then essentially refused to leave. Seeing as Kurds in Turkey have more than twice as many children as ethnic Turks (who are well below replacement), Erdogan would do well to take back this unwanted diaspora; especially since he thinks it’s a crime for them to integrate into European societies anyway.

  • CapitalHawk

    Wait, the EU is fractured and weak? Wasn’t the whole point of the EU to *unite* Europe?

  • Disappeared4x

    Must be the end of history when no one in Brussels2016 is allowed to remember the “Siege of Vienna, (July 17–Sept. 12, 1683), expedition by the Turks against the Habsburg Holy Roman emperor Leopold I that resulted in their defeat by a combined force led by John III Sobieski of Poland. The siege marked the beginning of the end of Turkish domination in eastern Europe.”

    • Jim__L

      It is a very good question, what the heirs of Sobieski think of this deal. I suspect that the Poles today are not that far from their ancestors…

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