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The Wages of willkommenskultur
Merkel’s Migrant Rethink
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  • JR

    If German’s re-elect Merkel, then I’m sorry, but you deserve what you get. Actions have consequences, and stupid actions have bad consequences. Being Jewish, I have no particular affection for the Germans. It does make me wonder if what is happening to them some kind of punishment from Hashem for the Holocaust. I can’t imagine a fate worse than being Islamized.

  • Disappeared4x

    Next time there is a horrific civil war, use what I call the Peshawar Model: contain the refugees in an adjacent place that was previously part of same nation in civil war. (Peshawar was the Winter Capital of Afghanistan until the Sikhs conquered Peshawar, and then the British conquered the Sikhs.) Millions of Afghan refugees from 1979! are still encamped in Peshawar.

    Syrian refugees belong in Turkey. When will anyone delve into how Erdogan played “…the short sighted, inept policy makers who fail to connect the dots and draw the proper conclusions. Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, …”?
    Ok, Syrian Christian refugees should not be in Turkey. Not that those inept policy makers care about Christian refugees.

  • Beauceron

    It’s all a too little too late for Germany, I’m afraid. There are over a million refugees currently in Germany and many more on the way– Germany hasn’t been open with their public that the overwhelming majority of these refugees are young men, some who are already married with children back in their old countries and their wives and kids will have to be brought over and accepted, of course. So that is, as the German authorities have quietly admitted, at least another million more people. Then all of those other young men will need wives– of course many will meet and marry German girls who will convert to Islam, but many will not be able to find German girls, so they will have to be allowed to bring women from the middle east, which is even more.

    So, that is one more European country that will disappear from the face of the cultural map in a few decades.
    Right now France and Belgium are definitely a goners, with Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark and UK. Europe in the future will simply be a synonym for Slavic.

    • JR

      You know, I always wondered why Germany wasn’t at all punished for the Holocaust. Now I have my answer. At the end of the day, everybody gets what they deserve, no more, no less.

      • f1b0nacc1

        Germany was crucial for the West to defend against the Soviet Union, so they were spared. In fairness to them, they have tried hard to make amends (if such things were possible….) and while I do not believe that we should ever forget, or even completely forgive, the time is now past for vengence.

        With that said, I cannot be entirely sad about watching their current travails…..

        • JR

          Not to get too much into theological weeds, but I think Hashem operates on a slightly different schedule than us humans. This is just my idle speculation. I have no idea why things are happening. What I do know is that throughout history those who have wronged the Jews have seen their empires crumble, their cultures destroyed, their very selves disappear. Looking at today’s Germany, I can’t help but feel there are parallels to that.
          Admittedly, I’m an avid student of history (history minor; I’ve had 2 minors in college, I’m a huge nerd) and that makes me wonder if I’m drawing parallels where none exist. Anyway, time will tell…. It always does….

      • Tom

        I would argue that Germany was, in large measure, punished for the Holocaust. 5.3 million Germans died during World War II, hundreds of thousands if not millions of German women were raped (99+% of them by Soviet troops), and the number of maimed and injured was certainly in the millions as well.

        • Boritz

          Don’t forget that half the country lived for decades in the kind of worker’s Paradise the left dreams of.

    • Tom

      Ah, dude, there are more than 82 million people in Germany right now, 65 million of whom are German, and 10 million of whom are non-German European. Even assuming that ethnic demography is destiny (which it might or might not be), you might want to lengthen your time scale out a little.

      • Beauceron

        You assume this is the end.

        It never is.

        The American experience should teach you that the one thing groups want once they establish themselves is more people from their group. They will join with the far left and demand more immigration– and denounce all who disagree as racist bigots, just as happened here in the US.

        Also, it’s actually quite difficult to tell how many muslims are currently in Germany. The most recent numbers I could find easily were from 2009 and said that there were 4.3 million (5.4% of the population). I would assume that has about doubled by now to around 10% or so. I read an article that said in France 30% of the population under 20 is muslim. In 2030, some people are projecting that 40% of France’s population will be muslim ( Certainly by 2060 muslims will be a majority in France. So let me ask you, when muslims become the majority in France, is France still France as we have always known it?

        • Tom

          Probably not, actually. That would have required 5.4 million Muslims to either immigrate, be born, or convert within the span of seven years–which is almost certainly not the case, as the number of migrants and refugees brought in by Merkel’s stupidity is less than 2 million.

          Also, your data’s a little skewed on the white thing. According to the Census Bureau, the last time the non-Hispanic white population was 88% of the country was sometime between 1940 and 1950. In 1980, the non-Hispanic white population was 80%, while 2010 saw the number drop to 64%. Kind of a swift drop, but considerably less precipitate than you’re saying it was.

        • ——————————

          “I just know you better be very careful who you discuss this with– you can get fired, cast out of polite society, etc.”

          I am afraid of no one and I’ll discuss with anybody.
          The browning of America is a disaster. Whites and some Asians have created almost all the great civilizations in history. Allowing more than a few of anyone other than them in here will eventually have grave consequences.

          As far as the Musloids, I would be happy if everyone of them was gone from the planet…one way or another….

  • Gary Hemminger

    Do they even teach history anymore? I live in Silicon Valley and work, eat, and play with some of the smartest, most intelligent immigrants in the world. They have so enriched our lives and communities. But to not understand the destabilizing affects of mass immigration is simple stupidity and a lack of any perspective on history. And the fact that Obama and Merkel and all the rest just fiddled while Syria burned (figuratively and litterally) is outrageous. The press was simply MIA on this.

    • Andrew Allison

      The smartness and intelligence of the immigrants is exactly the point. Silicon Valley attracts the best and the brightest. Europe is attracting uneducated economic refugees with no interest in melding with the host country.

    • Jim__L

      They call it “social studies” now, and it deals with the mundane (everyday life experience) rather than great events (war, scientific advances, etc.)

  • Aldus du Flaperon

    Survival instinct trumps ideals.

  • It says something when even Angela Merkel begins doing a double-take on Germany’s refugee policy…perhaps she has finally realized it has failed to increase her popularity at home and abroad.

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