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California Doubles Down on Blue
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  • Jim__L

    Do you really go nine months without logging into comments sections on the Internet?

    Ah, I’m jealous of your self-control. You’re probably a happier person than I am… 😉

    • Jose Carlos Moreno

      commenting feels good sometimes, it’s interactive. But given how it tends to go, where 1. no conversation is started, 2. if started it tends to be a long drawn out argument rather than a constructive, polite sharing of views (I admit I myself do not always avoid argument) or 3. it becomes a flame war. Ideally, good points are shared and discussed, differences are understood, etc, but that type of thread is many times rare

      • Jim__L

        Commenting is as much cathartic as interactive, I think. It’s a way to release some tension that arises from reading something you disagree with. I’d speculate that the need to agree is less motivating – it’s just a guess, though. It would certainly explain the Internet that we see. 🙁

        I would say that it’s especially bad now, because our government (especially our national government) keeps getting more and more powerful. If the national government exerted less control over peoples’ wealth, values, daily life, etc, people wouldn’t feel like it was the end of the world if someone they didn’t like won an election, or if a law they didn’t like got passed.

        The way to reduce polarization in this country is to lower the stakes — reduce the scope and power of the government. People would stop getting so crazy about it if it weren’t so powerful.

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