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Looking Ahead
The Future of US-Cuban Relations
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  • Andrew Allison

    Whilst Venezuela and Brazil are doing their best to catch up, the scale of misery inflicted upon the Cuban people by Castro is probably unique in the Western Hemisphere. The question which is not addressed in the post (which ends with a sentence fragment) is whether instability in failed socialist governments is a bad thing.

    • Most Cuban-Americans hate Cuba’s government, they were cheering and celebrating when news of his death came.

  • Kevin

    Wat happened to the last sentence?

  • Fat_Man

    If you draw a line from Puerto Rico to Texas, it runs through the middle of Cuba. We never should have allowed a government hostile and inimical to the United States to be established inside that line. The error was committed by Eisenhower, compounded by Kennedy, and tolerated by administrations since then. Any strategic rationale for allowing the situation to fester disappeared when the Soviet Union collapsed.

    Sadly the Obama maladministration in its campaign to make the world safe for tyranny, has worked to prop up the Castros, just has it has avoided the chaos in Venezuela.

    The United States has been suffering from the chaos and bad government of the countries to our south for many years. We have tolerated conditions that have created a flood of migrants/refugees. We need to stop it.

    The United States needs to make the peace, stability, and prosperity of the nations surrounding the Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico Basins our highest priority. To that end, we must ensure that every government in the area is republican, and respects the rule of law and the basic rights of citizens.

    The first move must be to replace the Castro regime. by persuasion, if possible, by force if necessary.

    For far too long, foreign policy has been synonymous with the far side of the globe. Allow me to assure you that MENA and Central Asia could reach the goal they have so long sought, mutual suicide, and it would have no effect on us. But, any disturbance on our back door is our concern.

  • Pait

    The manifest destiny of Cuba is to join the United States of America. Unfortunately, this future may be delayed by a nasty, racist, corrupt, and incompetent US administration.

    • JR

      “Unfortunately, this future may be delayed by a nasty, racist, corrupt, and incompetent US administration.” Yes, but Obama is leaving in two months so we just have to wait him out until we can start making America great again.

  • North Korea 2.0?

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