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Immigration and 2016
30 Years Since Amnesty-for-Enforcement Failure
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  • QET

    Wrong. There was no way to “reckon” with anyone’s clout. As many others have explained time and again ad nauseam, the open door policy to illegals was the joint creation of both the GOP and the Dems. The GOP supported it, by basically doing nothing about it while doth protesting too much at every photo op, because their crony donor class of businesses wanted the cheap labor they could exploit, while the Dems saw, rightly, a guarantee of their permanent electoral majority. Unfortunately, as others have observed, we live in a de facto one-party state that serves a specific class of interests. A GOP Congress won;t do anything because it is complicit in the problem. Ryan, McConnell & Co really could not care less at this point whether a GOP president is elected, as long as their majority prerogatives are assured.

    TAI is being exceptionally, one might say disingenuously, naive in assuming that immigration is an issue on which reasonable people might disagree, amendable to a mechanistic policy calculus. The politics of the issue are crustal clear and have been for a long time. This is why Trump is where he is. This is the issue that set him apart from the GOP and secured his victory over all 10 or 11 GOP pretenders. I myself am not happy about this state of affairs, but the cause-effect relation is so obvious that it is an exercise in deception to argue as though there were any other plausible analysis.

    • Andrew Allison

      “Ryan, McConnell & Co really could not care less at this point whether a GOP president is elected, as long as their majority prerogatives are assured.” Never were truer, or sadder, words spoken.

    • Beauceron


  • Joe Eagar

    You’re joking. Restrictionists bend over backwards to compromise, look how many of them are in the Never Trump camp. Look, it’s been widely reported that the other side is the problem, and this author knows that. He’s lying.

  • Joe Eagar

    Remember all the news reports of how Latino groups won’t agree to *any* deal that reduces low skilled immigration? It was all over Politico for a while.

  • Joe Eagar

    This sort of deliberate falsehood is wrong and slanderous. Gallagher should be fired.

  • Beauceron

    Oh, c’mon.

    I’m just so sick of this bullsh*t.

    The Left lied, plain and simple. They never intended for it to work– and neither did the Republicans. For the Left mass immigration means a permanent majority. They knew they could ride identity politics all the way to becoming the leaders of what in essence will be a one party state. It was also folded into a Cloward–Piven strategy– they intended to break the country. And they have. The Republican Chamber of Commerce wing pushed for mass immigration because it meant cheap labor for their big business donor class.

    The Left got power, the Right got money, and the American people got f*cked.

    Now the country I was born and raised in is gone and it is gone for good. In its place stands a nation where your identity, the color of your skin, your ethnic background, what genitals you have (or identify with, I guess) and who you like to sleep with is the single most important thing about you– and it will help decide whether you get into a university, what university you do get into, what scholarships you get, what job you can get, whether or not you will be promoted. And I fear this is just the beginning.

    I see signs of actual Orwellianism rising up in everything from speech to controlling narratives.

  • Anthony

    “…something closer to our homes and communities….”

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