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After the Elections
Russia Ready for Realpolitik?
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  • LarryD

    Not going to happen, if the next president is a Democrat, any Democrat. Not certain it would happen if Trump is the next President, but at least there’s a possibility.

    • Tom

      The general pattern has been that US presidents try to cozy up to Russia at the beginning of their time in office, and then relations deteriorate over the course of their presidency.

  • Jim__L

    “But some of the Realpolitik Russia won’t like; the next U.S. President
    needs to redress the balance that Putin has challenged, and administer
    some sharp and even painful checks to Russia just to re-establish some

    Sounds sensible. Like what?

    • Matt B

      How about an increased military presence or new capability that directly counters Russia’s new Syrian air base?

      I expect Hillary to do something, it will be interesting to see what.

      • Jim__L

        “Interesting” as in “interesting times”, like we are still seeing in Libya?

        Hillary’s a disaster waiting to happen. Unless she goes down in flames, the Democrats are going to be beholden to Clinton Cronies (including one whose misuse of classified information led directly to 9/11) until the collapse of not just the US’s overseas influence, but the country’s internal cohesion.

        Hillary is bad, bad news. She is the kingpin of corruption in American politics.

        Trump, for all that he’s an a**hole, is nothing compared to that.

        • Matt B

          Yes I meant interesting as in interesting times, as in the famous curse. As the Times points out we’re already there.

        • Arlete Santos

          You refer to Clinton Cronies, who do you think Trump will put in his cabinet and in foreign policy positions , if elected? Quality people like Rudy, Newt and Bannon? It’s easy to criticise Clinton, you actually trust Trump?

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