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Immigration and 2016
On Immigration, a Nation Divided
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  • Andrew Allison

    There you go again! You may not like Trump’s policy (build a wall), but that doesn’t mean that it’s not one.

  • Jim__L

    “Some Trump supporters view this as part of a larger plot to drown out their voices demographically and politically.”

    Why is this an unreasonable point of view, when Democrats talk openly of a “permanent Democrat majority” based on immigrant demographics as a point of policy, and GOP pundits (a.k.a. elites) talk openly about alienating illegal aliens as being bad electioneering?

    It’s not some shadowy conspiracy. It’s stated policy.

    • JR

      I think with 2016 election we passed the point of no return and some sort of hard landing like Brazil is experiencing is pretty much a done deal now. Socialism ALWAYS runs out of other people’s money. It won’t be any different here in the US.

      • Jim__L

        No need to catastrophize. There is a lot of ruin in a nation, as Smith said, and we can still play whatever hand we’re dealt to win.

        • JR

          While I don’t share your optimism, I would be more than happy to be proven wrong. i got to admit, this election is definitely putting me in a rather morose mood.

          • Jim__L

            Conservativism will always be renewed by young people aging out of their reckless phases, and by “Oh My God We’re” Republicans of various ethnic groups (including white*) who actually start to think about their world’s real workings instead of the received “wisdom” of their tribe.

            *You know FG’s son and daugter-in-law are Conservatives, right? So there is hope, even “hope unlooked-for” as Tolkien would put it. =)

          • JR

            Ididn’t know that about FG. As a general rule, I tend to draw a firm line at people’s families when it comes to anonymous Internet boards. I just think it is impossible to compete against “free stuff paid for by other people”. The number of those who realize that it is not free and is instead paid for by higher taxes and slower economic growth is pretty small. After the hard landing, when it becomes obvious that socialism ran out of other people’s money we might be able to get back to what made this country great in a first place. As a father of two, I have to believe that.

          • Jim__L

            I learned that freely from FG, while we were still on more positive speaking terms.

            The thing is, “free stuff paid for by other people” has been out there in the marketplace of ideas for a long, long time — Marx wrote 150 years ago, and the Paris Commune was even older than that. All along, people realized it was a bad idea — so, I wouldn’t underrate the ability of human beings to recognize that.

            In any case — the fact that you’re having kids, I’m having kids, others who have kids are having kids who can see plain sense, and most of the Leftists with the most absurd ideas are NOT having kids, gives me hope for the future.

            We just have to keep the flame alive, until the Renaissance rolls around again. =)

          • Diws

            The differential in birthrates of progressive / liberals vs. traditionalist / conservative is notable, but it seems clear to me that the left is counting on creating more of their kind through educational and cultural indoctrination. A strong familial environment can provide a lot of resistance to this process, which is one reason that the left so poisonously hates the (traditional) family.

          • Jim__L

            Family leave is helpful, but paid-for-by-government is not.

            What we need are laws that help part-time employment, so someone can be at home with the kids instead of going the latchkey or daycare route.

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