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Immigration and 2016
The Immigration Fights Will Outlive Trump
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  • JR

    Low education immigrants are perfect Democratic voters. This fact explains all the shifts mentioned in this article.

  • QET

    Why is it that someone who objects to the sheer number of illegal immigrants is categorized, and casually at that, as “anti-immigrant”? I understand why the Left wants to present this as a racism matter. But I am certain that if there were 11 million illegal immigrants from Germany and France here, we would object with no less urgency. And as for those of you “in the middle,” as you say, are you really that easily manipulated? Did it not occur to you that the entire strategy of our political class for 40 years has been to complain about illegal immigration, but do absolutely nothing, knowing that after a certain time had passed, those of you “in the middle” would basically just throw up your hands and say “whaddya gonna do?”

    Here’s a thought. The open US doors have admitted the entirety of sustainable immigration from Mexico and Central America for the next 50 years. They have more than used up their allotment of immigrant slots for decades to come. From the data linked to below, illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America alone account (as of 2012) for at least 74% of all illegal immigration, and at 8.5MM persons, account for 2.8% of the entire US population. By comparison, all illegal immigrants to the UK, from all places, account for only 1.7% of the entire UK population. Therefore, it would not be unfair to not allow a single additional immigrant from any of these countries for a long long time. Just like Boomers in the US are said to be screwing the life chances of future generations through their selfishness, so all of the illegal immigrants here today from Mexico and Central America have screwed the immigration chances of future generations from those places. Oh well. Whaddya gonna do?

    But naturally anyone doing the numbers is a racist anti-immigrant nativist. Right?

  • Fat_Man

    One of the Democrat’s dirty little secrets is that immigration reform died in 2007 (when Democrats ran the House), because it had zero support from the Congressional Black Caucus. I don’t think that has changed. They will give lip service to the party official position, but I don’t think they would actually do anything but that.

    The Rainbow Collation is held together solely by money and power. It could fall apart at any moment.

    • Angel Martin

      CBC opposition is why “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” has to be “bi-partisan”.

      • Fat_Man

        It couldn’t get out of a Democrat House with a Republican President in 07. The Gang of 8 bill died in the House with a Democrat President and a Republican House in 13. Eric Cantor got primaried in 14 and Trump was nominated in 16.

        The issue is dead. It’s gone where the goblins go, below, below. It’s dead, Jim. And it ain’t never coming back. No How, No Way.

        • Angel Martin

          Fat Man, I hope you are right but I don’t think so. I expect a package deal in the lame duck session – TPP passed in exchange for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.

          • f1b0nacc1

            Assuming the Trump wins, I think that there is a real risk of this. If HRC wins, it is more likely that the open borders types will simply wait for a better shot in early 2017.

          • Kevin

            Some horror show is likely to occur then….

  • Angel Martin

    The same switcharoo has occurred on Trade. Anti free trade Democrats and pro trade Republicans are both out of step with the rank and file of their own parties.

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