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The Global Immigration Crisis
Turkey Holds Back Skilled Syrian Refugees from U.S.
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  • What, if anything, to do with other people is a very difficult question, even if one has perhaps some right to decide what to do.

    In the case of Syria, and other countries suffering sufficient strife that they have a significant refugee crisis, no one should forget the future needs of that country, as and when it comes out of its strife-riven state.

    How will Syria do, come the end of its civil war, if its brightest and best (however they are determined) have been stripped away by other countries? And does it actually matter to future Syria, whether the purposeful ‘theft’ of its intellectual resource is perpetrated by the USA, by Turkey, or by anyone else.

    Surely what is actually needed is personal and family safe haven, largely acknowledged as temporary (though lasting several years), for such an intellectual resource. This such that those people can return eventually to their home country, safely and productively (for themselves and for all their fellow countrymen and women). And the temporary home of these intellectually resourceful people, during their stay, should ensure their continued welfare, including their own intellectual development, without long-term coverting.

    Best regards

  • Kevin

    Given the fiasco that bringing Somali refugees to this country after they destroyed their own has become, bringing Syrians to this country after they destroyed their country is madness.

    • Kev

      To be fair they had outside help in destroying their country. US government gave them plenty of arms and promised them “freedom”.

      • Beauceron

        Yeah. It’s not the Somalians’ fault, it’s America’s!

        • Kev

          I was talking about Syria. US spend billions arming this rebel movement since 2011. They still do.

  • Pete

    Good. The only thing they could do here is depress wages for Americans. Let them stay in the Middle East where their alleged skills might actually be needed.

  • Beauceron

    That hardly matters. Obama and the Left’s goal is to transform us– the skill level of those he is using to do so is irrelevant.Quantity not quality is what’s important.

  • safa oeztuerk

    Turkey,a poor country, should gıve three mıllıon refugees shelter for sıx years and of course should send best thousends of them to eu or usa. have ı got ıt right

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