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Our Blue Model Immigration Bureaucracies
USCIS Accidentally Grants Citizenship to 800 People
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  • Boritz

    “the restrictionists’ position collapses into incoherence, frustration, and in many cases, near-hysteria.”

    I thought their position was a call to enforce u.s. immigration laws.

  • ljgude

    In Australia the restrictionists won so completely that it is now the policy of both major parties. Taking back control of Australia’s borders has only caused hysteria on the far left and has proven very popular with the Australia people. Indeed the policy has been so successful and well known in the Mother Country that the leavers in the Brexit vote were able to hold it up as the policy they wanted for the UK. Unlike the UK where people knew about the Australian points based system which ranks immigrants by the contribution they can make to Australia, the US, in its usual insular way, has failed to notice that another country – a fellow member of the Anglosphere so there is no language barrier – has made significant progress in an area where the US is helplessly floundering. Perhaps the author of the article is referring to Trump’s proposal to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it as hysterical. I’d agree in both senses of the word. Although I found Sen. Cruz’s personality so repellant that I had to make an effort to listen to his policy proposals, I was right with him when he proposed a 10% flat tax and sending the IRS employees to guard the border. Perhaps a president Trump could go Cruz one better by offering these bureaucrats who have given citizenship to a bunch of potential workplace and homeware violators a choice between their pensions and being sent to the countryside for reeducation as border guards. Just so we understand each other I say this as a US Citizen long resident in Australia.

  • vepxistqaosani

    The fundamental problem is that the entire government work force is unionized — and unions are, in essence, criminal conspiracies to reward incompetence and fraud and to punish initiative, intelligence, and skill.

  • Beauceron

    We have anywhere from 11-20 million illegals in the country. (Sorry, that’s racist, right? Undocumented Americans). If you take the low end, that’s the entire population of the country of Belgium; if it’s the high end it’s the entire population of Romania.

    What does 800 matter at this point, even if they are terrorists?

    Our country is broken and it was broken intentionally by the Left. They spent decades chanting “break the system!” and now they have well and truly done it. And I am a racist Neo-Nazi if I dare speak up about it.

  • Andrew Allison

    The word is carelessly, not accidentally.

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