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Migrant Backlash
The Next Referendum on Merkel’s Migrant Policies
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  • JR

    Germany seems really intent on committing suicide. Not sure why but they are approaching it with typical German efficiency.

    • Rick Caird

      All of Europe is involved in committing cultural suicide. Yesterday, I saw a video of Paris. It was a Paris filled with Middle Eastern invaders with mattresses and tents living on the sidewalks and filling the streets with garbage and littler. Truly disgusting.

      • Beauceron

        The US is further gone than Europe.

        I think Europe is close to a tipping point where they simply can’t return, even though it will take decades to fully be wrecked. The US, in my opinion, has likely passed that point.

        It’s sad.

  • adk

    Something very relevant from today’s WSJ:

    Germany’s Efforts to Integrate Migrants Into Its Workforce Falter

    Answering calls from Berlin to help in the country’s massive integration effort, German companies big and small have scouted refugee shelters and job centers for potential employees. Yet because of administrative bottlenecks and a mismatch in needed skills, the number of migrants in jobs with benefits was only about 25,000 higher in June than a year earlier, despite more than 736,000 arrivals in that time.

    Companies blame the difficulty in hiring migrants on shortcomings in speaking German and lack of relevant skills, in part because many are young.

    The government isn’t faring much better: Federal agencies have hired five refugees as employees and 12 as trainees since the beginning of last year, the interior ministry told lawmakers last month.

    This is despite the fact that there are few native Germans available to fill the highest number of job vacancies in a decade, and shortages of skilled workers are putting upward pressure on wages.

    Lack of education and professional experience, along with deficiencies in speaking German and the young age of many migrants, are big stumbling blocks. Three out of five refugees looking for jobs are only qualified to fill entry-level positions, according to the Federal Labor Agency. Only 14% could work as specialists and 3% as experts, it said.

  • Jim__L

    Looks like people who oppose the current crop of elites and their policies are making their approval of democracy known by participating in the process.

  • DemocracyRules

    This just the beginning.

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