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The Long Game
Why Pakistan Sticks to Its Guns
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  • Thom Burnett

    India would be much better off without Kashmir. When the country split into India and Pakistan, it would have been more ethnically fitting to put it into Pakistan. But I suppose India won’t be willing to hand it off now. Anymore than Canada will part with Quebec. Nor the USA part with Puerto Rico.

    • Kevin

      The US might be quilting to let Puerto Rico go, if it wanted to leave. But point well taken…

      • f1b0nacc1

        Why should we bother asking them whether they want to or not….expulsion should be an option as long as we are paying the bills

    • Paki Terrorist

      Kashmir has immense strategic significance militarily. There is no question of India letting it go.

  • Anthony

    Here’s a softer take (perhaps): -Paskistan-in-an-India-Paskistan-cricket-match

  • Kevin

    Looking atPakistan as a unit in this analysis is a mistake. An army and intelligence service facing huge cuts in budget and influence in the event of good relations might be strongly disposed against a deal with India even if it was in the interests of Pakistanis more broadly.

  • Biased

    Oh Wally! Wally! You are a master of obfuscation. Your Indo-philic penchant must be a mind block to you seeing Kashmir as a stand alone human rights issue? What has Pakistan got to do with cyclical spasms of violent protests by Kashmiris against India? Even Kashmiri leaders such as the Abdullahs are asking the same question.

    As for your extremely arcane logic that ‘some’ Pakistanis are hoping Kashmir will unravel India, well if Bangladesh did not unravel Pakistan then it will take a lot more than Kashmir to unravel India. You can however, keep harping that nonsense.

    In the same vein, have you ever heard of an equally arcane concept of ‘Akhand Bharat’ espoused by another ‘hard school’ of the hindu extreme right wing ruling party? It is eagerly awaiting the day when “the centrifugal forces of provincial identity politics will pull economically failed Pakistan apart”; eventually to be reincorporated into mother India”? Looks equally delusional -what do you think Walter R. Mead? ……Wally, the thing is, people everywhere are unwilling to put up with overbearing state- be it Syria, Ferguson or Kashmir!!!
    Your Rube Goldberg-esque theory is meaningless drivel which does not explain why Kashmiris are protesting.

    • Paki Terrorist

      You missed the point of this article. Read it again, carefully.

  • Fat_Man

    We need to bomb Pakistan before it is too late, as it is in Iran.

  • FriendlyGoat

    We evidently are late to the party in figuring out exactly what the hell (appropriate word) that “power of Islam” is. It’s prying a lot of things apart.

  • Matt Henderson

    Its hilarious to watch Walter associate Kashmir issue with a goofy idea like ‘Islamic self-awareness’, whatever that means. Its even harder to imagine that this man is a professor, a professor of fail, I suppose.

    • Paki Terrorist

      Firstly, Guardian, BBC, Wa Po etc are clearly biased against India for historical reasons. The Hindu is a leftist Communist news paper, that is always against India’s interests.
      secondly, the mass graves are of those Pakistan trained terrorists killed in encounters in India, whose bodies remain unclaimed by Pakistan.
      Thirdly, the Pakistani terrorists in Indian army fatigue, raping the Kashmiri women to malign the army, has been exposed long ago.
      And finally, the pallet guns are far better than real guns, when the separatists defy and break law and order.

      • Matt Henderson

        Ah yes, all the investigative journalism is wrong except an anonymous troll on the well. Would you like to buy a bridge?

        • Paki Terrorist

          Investigative journalism, my foot … !!

  • Guest

    Kashmir needs a major infusion of Hindu settlers.

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