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Gulen, a Secret Cardinal?
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  • ljgude

    As much as I like the ‘deeper conspiracy’ theory presented here on purely literary grounds, Occam’s razor compels me to conclude that Air Do Wan, unlike Obi Wan, is just plain coo coo crazy.

    • Blackbeard

      Crazy? If we assume his goals are to transform Kemal Attaturk’s secular republic into an Islamic dictatorship with himself as dictator-for-life isn’t he doing rather well? As for ideas like “secret cardinals” you might be surprised at how widely various conspiracy stories, that we consider obviously silly, are believed around the world. He knows his audience.

      • Jim__L

        Crypto-Christians are common in Turkey, which, as the homeland of the Byzantine Empire, was entirely Christian before being subjected to huge migrations of Turks.

        They are frequent targets of persecution and genocide. Erdogan may be working himself up to one of those, again.

    • RMM

      The press report on which this criticism is based is false. It originates from “Yeni Akit”, a crazy tabloid, which most likely made this all up. It’s given to delirious pro-Erdogan stories.

  • Kevin

    Gulan in exile is much better for Erdogan. In a Turkish jail (or executed) blame could no longer be assigned to him for whatever goes wrong in Turkey. He might even become a martyr.

    • LarryD

      At this point, I suspect Erdogan has run a successful purge, and doesn’t want Gulan back.

  • FriendlyGoat

    There is nothing to be gained by encouraging Erdogan to do more over-reaction in his country. The answer should be that we 1) We do not care what Gulen might have been or could have been involved with in Turkey. Stop writing indictments for our consumption. We seriously do not care and will not be extraditing him period, 2) We believe the chief problem with Islam is that no sensible people are allowed to moderate it. This is why we will not be participating in Islamic destruction of its own critics or modifiers.

  • Thomas J. Hennigan

    This is ridiculous, absurd . Cardinals technically members of the Roman clergy, so they are normally bishops. Lay Catholics cannot be cardinals, much less Muslims.

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