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Behind Closed Doors
The Murky Secrecy Surrounding the Iran Nuke Deal
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  • Dale Fayda

    Obama – worst president ever. The world will be tasting the bitter fruit of his failures for decades. God help us all…

  • Beauceron

    President Obama :

    “This is the most transparent administration in history. I can document that this is the case. Every visitor that comes into the White House is now part of the public record. Every law we pass and every rule we implement we put online for everyone to see.”

    Are you calling our president a liar? You had better not be. I will alert the BLM folks to your blasphemy.

    • Johnathan Swift Jr.

      Transparent as a mud hen!

  • Frank Natoli

    Concessions? Secrecy? Did anyone suggest that the deal stopped the centrifuges, subject to U.S. onsite verification? No? Then how do “concessions” or “secrecy” affect anything of substance?

    • Pave Low John

      You do realize that ‘secret treaties’ (for example, the Treaty of London) are commonly identified as one of the factors leading up to the First World War, right?

      But don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be all right. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Either your grammar is challenged or you are simply stating the public facts. Yes indeed centrifuges were supposed to be curtailed, not halted altogether, and that is subject to verification. It is not necessarily US verification but the UN. Do the concessions have substantive effect? If they didn’t, would the Iranians seek them? No. But that is a good question to ask those who are keeping them secret, don’t you think?

      • All that is before we discover just what the deal is. It has no Constitutional foundation.

  • ljgude

    I notice you echo Reuters in calling it a landmark deal. The only landmarks likely to come out of this deal are radioactive craters currently known as Tel Aviv and Washington DC. Of course they have to keep the sellout secret – the Iranians have been screaming “Death to America” at Friday prayers since 1979. At least use a neutral term like controversial. You don’t have to actually label it disastrous or ill advised.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    The only way that this “deal” makes any sense is if both sides were working for the Iranians. It would not even pass the smell test of the feckless Congress, so it was never presented as a treaty, this it is a “deal,” one that has made revolting pro-Iran lobbyists rich. This administration opposed the Green Revolution, because this President clearly wants the Mullahs to stay in charge as a check against the strength and power of an evil nation, the United States, the one he has sworn to defend. That is the only way that any of his defense or foreign policy makes any sense, if it exists to take America down, to decrease its power, authority and influence and to aid anyone who oppose it.

    Every time Obama makes some sort of claim about improving relations with Tehran, the Mullahs stick a finger in his eye with an insulting statement or a “death to America,” rally the next day. There are no moderates in a totalitarian regime like Revolutionary Iran, they are as a rare as unicorns, yet everyone keeps searching for them like a White House easter egg hunt. This “deal” gives them hundreds of millions of dollars of cash that we almost certainly know will be used for terrorism, frees than from the sanctions, which were gaining the U.S. leverage as the oil market went down. Instead of the Irainians making concessions, the United States made them all. And of course the idea that any Islamist regime will honor any “deal” is preposterous. Just as Cuba and Iran were near collapse, this administration threw them each a life line, making concession after concession and inducing insult after insult. He makes a “deal” with Cuba and they crack down on dissidents, making it clear who Obama’s deals favor.

    If we look at his withdrawal from Iraq, the destabilizationof Libya due to a Clinton-Obama Wilsonian “war on the cheap,” in Libya, the arms smuggling to the “moderates” that became ISIS, then the destabilization of Syria, both of which unleashed the refugee crisis which has swamped Europe with a million or more migrants, most of them military age men, migrants that no one has jobs for, nor housing for, nor wives for, the whole plan seems to be to destabilize the Middle East and in turn Europe and to turn Iran, the nastiest and most dangerous regime on the face of the earth, the hegemonic power in the region. Obama-Clinton-Kerry have all lined up for the opposing team.

    • CosmotKat

      “because this President clearly wants the Mullahs to stay in charge as a check against the strength and power of an evil nation, the United States, the one he has sworn to defend.”

      Yes, the charade was that Obama swore to defend in public, but in private he has swore to tear down. The Iran deal was just another of his many betrayals of the American people. Yes, those citizens of the United States that he and his progressive allies hold in such contempt. You have captured the essence of this betrayal quite well, Jonathan.

      • Johnathan Swift Jr.

        Thanks. When Dinesh D’Souza came out with his thesis that Obama was driven by virulent Anti-Colonialism and Anti-Americanism that he inherited from his father and learned in his crib from his mother and from his mentor the communist Frank Marshall Davis, many people were skeptical. But I think he summed up Mr. Obama’s mindset and worldview quite well. This worldview explains all his actions quite well.

        David Axelrod, like many campaign managers is a sort of dark genius. He was looking for a black canidate to run for high office, a person with an ivy league background and who spoke with the silky smoothness of the elite, someone who would be palatable to the elite. He first settled on Deval Patrick and if you research his campaigns, all of the rhetoric that Obama spoke was first spoken by Patrick. Then Obama was a big hit at the DNC convention in 2004 and it was all over for Patrick. They even lifted the same themes, the same words for Obama’s campaign in 2008, none of which were authentic to the man. They dressed up Obama as a moderate, moderate tone to cover up radical ideas and people were fooled. He is a radical, every bit as radical as his compadre Bill Ayres, but he has accomplished much more.

  • Winston

    The justification is that the people must be protected from the facts. That is pretty much the media’s philososphy in the age of Obamaism. What could go wrong? The whole deal is really just a bribery scheme to delay but then facilitate Iran as a nuclear power in a few years time. The surreal aspect of it is that Iran never even signed it, let alone complied with it. (Compliance is a slippery slope of ever moving goalposts.). Iran does not seem like the type of state you want to empower and invite into the nuclear club. Preventing nuclear proliferation is the one red line definitely worth upholding. And Iran has responded with contempt despite our efforts to enrich it. Somehow I don’t think this was a risk that will pay off. Remember the alternative was not war but containment. Instead we have a nuclear breakout, regional warfare and an enriched terror state as the designated regional hegemon. It serves Russia’s and China’s interests for a multipolar and much more dangerous world, but not ours. Will be fascinating to watch how the cookie crumbles.

    • Johnathan Swift Jr.

      Yes, at every turn we are “protected” from the facts. Every law and procedure that is intended to keep Congress and the public informed is simply ignored, FOIA and Congressional Oversight are given the straight arm and the middle finger. We know more about this administration from lawsuits brought by public interest law firms and a few stubborn media groups than we know from Congress or the administration itself, because only judges can compel production. Even then things are slow rolled and yesterday we have the spectacle or the old Clintonian Friday afternoon holiday weekend document dump. The “Most Transparent Administration in History” indeed. And they say it all with a smug grin. When you have a 4th, unconstitutional branch of government, the unaccountable bureaucracy and its the domain of one party, this is what you get.

    • CosmotKat

      In more succinct terms, Winston this was an act of betrayal by the Obama administration. It was conceived in secrecy, the public was manipulated with disinformation, and it enriches and enables an enemy to wreak more chaos and terror in the region and around the world. This is betrayal by a president who is not for the people, but against the people of the United States. His people see themselves citizens of the world thus an elite and protected species who view the rest of us with contempt. Yes, it will be interesting to see how this cookie keeps crumbling and whether the crumbs are swept away in the trash bin of history along with what was known as the shining beacon on the hill….the United States of america.

  • Is there anything… anything at all that Obama is actually responsible for? That is some serious Black Skin Privilege.

  • Rick Caird

    “There is absolutely no policy justification for these concessions being secret.”

    Of course there is justification. It is all about “button, button, hide the button”.


    Just a reminder, folks, about the Iranian way of war:

    “The [suicidal] human-wave assaults have been perhaps the most important component of Iran’s strategy in its land war against Iraq, whose population is one-third the size of Iran’s. They have apparently convinced Iraq and its neighbors that they have both the manpower and the will power to continue fighting indefinitely despite Iraq’s vastly superior military arsenal.”
    NY TIMES July 5, 1987

    “Martyr Brigades” of ten- to twelve-year old boys were organized to march unarmed on suicide missions in front of the armed troops in order to CLEAR MINEFIELDS.

    This is how they treat their own people. They will have no compunction about using nukes aganst their enemies.

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