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  • rheddles

    Meatspace? Have you gone vegan?

  • Jim__L

    Electronic voting machines are a bad idea, always have been.

  • Beauceron

    “When we talk about border security these days”

    Do we talk seriously and substantively about border security at all these days?

    We have one candidate who supports open borders and mass immigration and another who pretends he’s going to build a wall, as if that would fix the problem.

    I think the elite on both sides of our political aisle 1) have a lot vested in keeping the status quo the way it is 2) realize that the “New American” population has grown so rapidly and so large — foreign born citizens made up 4.7% of the population in 1970 and over 13% in 2013, with the number expected to rise to 20% by 2065– that they are now a very large political force in and of themselves and so must be courted. Even assuming they actually w3anted to, politicians CAN’T curb immigration now. There are too many foreign born voters, and they want more immigration, not less, mainly to increase the power of their own group.

    “It would be nice to hear more from candidates for office about their plans to defend the country from these growing threats.”

    I would not believe either candidate on the subject in any case. I am not sure HRC, who kept sensitive, classified information on an unsecure server for years, has the right to speak to cybersecurity at all.

  • Boritz

    If it was possible to produce a writable surface using something like wood pulp and then manufacture an inky substance to draw characters on it this could be avoided, but that technology is far far from us today.

  • Anthony

    Signal point of WRM’s short piece: “There are governments out there who don’t hate liberals and love conservatives or vice versa so much as they hate the United States and want to weaken, divide and confuse us.”

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