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Universalism vs. Pragmatism
Orban Doubles Down on Migrant Hard Line
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  • Beauceron

    Hungary has leaders that are actually acknowledging the wishes of its people.

    Unlike here in the US, where our elite issue dictats and anyone who dares disagree is publicly lynched as a racist, nativist hatemonger.

    The thing is, in 30-50 years, if things hold steady, there will be a Hungary where Hungarian literature, language and culture still exist. France and Germany and the UK and the US will be gone. The US will be Latin, and Western Europe will be Islamic. That is always what happens when stronger, more dominant cultures meet weaker ones. The weaker culture is subsumed and disappears from the face of the earth. I have been thinking of late about all the amazing art in France. What will happen to the nudes in the Louvre? I assume, if left there, they will be destroyed as blasphemous, like the statues at Bamiyan. Has anyone approached France and other European countries about removing their art and sending it to places where it will be saved and respected? Japan and China, Argentina and the US would, I think, preserve them. It would be nice to know that works such as “Une Odalisque” or the delightfully cheeky “Gabrielle d’Estrées and One of Her Sisters” survive wouldn’t it?

    • LarryD

      The elites (European and American) don’t like their populace, and wish to import replacements. Understandably, the native populace objects. Objectively, we are talking about genocide here, just slower and less violent than the usual methods. I don’t see the replacement population being as submissive as the elites want. This can only end in tears.

      • Beauceron

        I think that’s certainly true in the US. The Left realized that, even with near total domination of the forming institutions like our education and media complexes, their argument would never win over the population– so they simply imported a population that would be more open to their goals.

        “Understandably, the native populace objects.”

        I have to say that I have seen almost no objections. A bit of grumbling– but that grumbling is met with such virulent charges of racism that it shuts down the grumbling quickly and totally. I suppose it could be characterized as a genocide. I look at it as a Fabian style revolution. There has been a Second American Revolution, and the battle is nearly overand the Left have won on all fronts.

    • Jim__L

      Beauceron, are those paintings seriously the main thing you’re worried about losing?

      • Beauceron

        I wouldn’t say it’s the main thing. But it is something I thought about. I was at the Louvre a few months ago and, considering recent events– coupled with walking around various arrondissements– it made me think of it. France– and several other European countries– have a tremendous amount of cultural capital that will possibly be, I think, at risk in the coming decades. I believe it to be be worth preserving.

    • texasjimbo

      I fear you’re right about Western Europe. The US is more complicated. First, Hispanic culture is not stronger than American culture; very few Hispanics are absorbed with anti West/ anti American or anti Christian ideas; Hispanics are much more inclined to assimilate into general American culture than Moslems in Europe. It’s the American leftist elites who lack cultural confidence and view the west as morally inferior, not most Hispanics.

  • Pete

    “Wanting one’s own community to be a certain way is not aggressively or actively prejudicial against others, any more than declining to give money to a beggar on a city street is morally equivalent to hitting him in the head with a crowbar,”


    Someone clue Merkel in

    • James

      I’m thinking what Angela Merkel needs is an introduction to this crow bar of which you speak.

      • Rick Caird

        Remember, she is from East Germany.

  • Blackbeard

    Western civilization is trying a bold experiment: We’ve done away with religion, we’ve done away with the family, and now, as we abandon the idea of borders, we are going to do away with the nation-state. Early returns from Europe, where we see economic stagnation, demographic collapse and growing military impotence, are not good but our elites assure us they know best.

    Has ever a civilization committed suicide so openly?

    • Rick Caird

      Cultural suicide. I believe the Romans were guilty of same, but it took them hundreds of years. Our performance is going much faster.

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