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The European Immigration Crisis
A Question of Identity
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  • Observe&Report

    Looks like there’s still some backbone in Continental Europe after all.

  • Pete

    A general question. What is wrong about xenophobia?

  • Joey Junger

    Trying to “transcend” one’s xenophobia or ethnocentrism makes as much sense as a porcupine trying to “transcend” its quills. Feelings of ethnocentrism exist for biological, evolutionary reasons.

    Also, this Slovenian leader shows how perverted and insane the Left is in the West. Marx’s economic theories obviously have nothing to do with what American Marxists preach or believe. These academics love “the people” in the abstract, but they really loathe the people, else they wouldn’t be pushing immigration so hard, which is unpopular with large swaths of the public and is likely to remain so.

  • ljgude

    Culture is real and it matters. Multiculturalism has gone too far and is breaking its teeth on Islamic supremacism. An ethos that says all cultures are equal and deserve respect cannot cope with a culture that deems itself superior and sets out to convert or subjugate all other cultures. It took the 30 years war and hundreds of years to beat that attitude out of Christianity and Islam has undergone neither a reformation, nor an enlightenment. If anything they are just embarking on something very like the 30 years war in the Middle East with no guarantee they will come to their senses. I hear the term ‘Cultural Christian’ is starting to be used in Europe as a way for secular Europeans to distinguish themselves from the, ahem, non culturally Christian. They are beginning to vote in significant numbers too. It should be interesting going forward and right now it looks like the Euros might wake up sooner than Americans.

  • f1b0nacc1

    As I have said often in the past….
    Multiculturalism, Democracy, Immigration….pick any two

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