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Heckuva Job
Greece: Still Festering
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  • Pete

    A Clinton Administration????

    Mead, you’re counting your chickens before they are hatched.

    • Observe&Report

      I hate to say it, but Clinton’s massive lead in the polls would suggest otherwise.

      • Andrew Allison

        There’s an enormous difference bbetween possible or probable and foregone conclusion. TAI’s visceral distaste for Trump is beneath it.

    • Fat_Man

      Optimism is unfounded. The only question is whether the Donald will make it all the way to November 8, or whether he will explode in a fountain of flames well before that.

      • Pete

        Wishful thinking on your part, Fats.

  • Fat_Man

    And the Brits who voted for Brexit are a bunch of idiots?

  • Andrew Allison

    NIce to know that the outcome of the election has been decided!

  • Boritz

    “One must hope that a Clinton administration will bring a focus and intensity to European policy that has been largely absent in the Obama years.”

    I refer you to the TAI article titled The Greatest Failure of Democratic Social Policy in which “focus and intensity” by your political heros were precise ingredients of disaster for the recipients.

  • Nevis07

    In all fairness, the pro-Trump crowd attacking WRM for each of his posts will only incur more of these posts – you attack him, he’ll attack you – just sayin’. TAI is running a news blog like anybody else. If you don’t like it go and write your own blog. WRM is simply reflecting the polls of Clinton taking it by a landslide, whether or not Trump receives fair coverage (which he does not). Trump will continue to receive coverage of him as a buffoon the more he acts like, despite the fact that he’s brought up some very real and needed to be talked about issues. Hopefully, the issues, he’s brought up will survive this campaign at least…

  • LarryD

    We are in no position to lecture Greece about anything, nor are we in any shape to do anything but lecture. The wing of the Progressives that has wanted the US gelded in foreign affairs has got its wish. The Pax Americana is swiftly ending. Everybody is on their own.

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