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Norks Fire Missile Within 200nm of Japanese Coast
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  • Kevin

    Seems very similar to the German-Hapsburg relationship in the 1890s-1910s. The new Kaiser abandoned Bismark’s policy of being an ally of everyone (except a France thrusting for revenge) as he pursued a policy of securing Germany’s place in the sun. The Italians and Ruusians became neutral or hostile while the massive naval buildup pushed the British into an informal alliance with France and then Russia. With only Austria-Hungary left as an ally, Germany became afraid that if it did not support Austria to the hilt then it might disintigrate, be crushed by Russia or defect from its alliance with Germany. The most aggressive elements of the dual monarchy’s court (and especially Italy Hungarian nationalist aristocrats) used this to pull Germany into their Balkan adventures – goring Bismark’s dictum that the Balkan’s weren’t worth the bones of a single Pommeranian grenadier.

    • f1b0nacc1

      This was often described (by members of the German military, who hated the idea of having anything to do with A-H) as ‘being shackled to a corpse’

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