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Getting Africa Right
The Sun Never Sets on Robert Mugabe
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  • GS

    It matters not. Given his age, he’ll peg out pretty soon now. The more relevant question is, and what will happen after?

    • Andrew Allison

      Who cares?

      • GS

        – I don’t. But if anyone does, they should wait a bit.

  • Observe&Report

    The real question, which the writer neglects to even mention is this: Why on earth would Britain (or any other country besides South Africa) WANT to gain or regain influence in Zimbabwe? The country is practically an African North Korea – and we only pay attention to North Korea because they have nukes. Zimbabwe’s economy has been eviscerated and stripped bare to sustain Mugabe’s autocracy – a kleptocratic parasite on the verge of sucking its host dry – and many of its people have already fled to South Africa as the article points out.

    There is nothing to be gained by wasting energy rekindling relations with such a closed, repressive, and poverty-stricken regime. If it doesn’t collapse of its own accord, it will limp on for a few more years as the desolate backwater it has been for three and a half decades. Leave it to its own devices and concentrate on more important things.

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