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the clinton machine
More Than Carelessness
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  • Seems to me that The “Clinton Machine” had one Barack Obama compete with Clinton in the primaries.
    End of story: debunked.

    • Dale Fayda

      You do realize the author was referring to the 2016 Democrat primaries, dingus?

      • Doof, we’re talking about the vaunted, omnipresent “Clinton Machine”. 🙂

        • Dale Fayda

          Read the article again, genius. Not just the sentence about the “Clinton Machine”.

          • Doof, my original comment involved the “Clinton Machine”; problem with that?

  • Pete

    Don’t worry. Mead and most of his kiddies will line up and gleefully vote for that corrupt old battleaxe in November .. just like they did for Barack Hussein Obama in years past. .

  • southernmom1

    Comey would not deny or assert that an investigation into the Clinton Family Foundation is ongoing. What he would say and he did affirm is that she lied – multiple times and several under oath. Meanwhile Democrats on the panel attempted to exonerate her with “she doesn’t know email or classifications. She isn’t really sophisticated.” Right, and this woman wants access to the nuclear codes?
    The stench from the Clinton Family Foundation is only beginning to ripen, however given the current decision by the FBI not to pursue criminal charges against her, witnesses, evidence and anything else will disappear under the blistering heat of the Clinton ‘machine.’ Rules, apparently, are for other people.

    • Andrew Allison

      Odd that Junior neglected to mention that Comey affirmed that she lied – multiple times and several under oath. Or is it?

  • Nevis07

    Been waiting to see the first TAI take on all of this…

    First of all, let’s all get this out of the way: HIllary Clinton (and Bill too) are corrupt as they get politicians. Comey changed the interpretation of the law specifically for them. Today’s testimony only further damned the FBI’s original judgement – She lied either to the American people and/or her interviewers; Comey is more than happy to interpret intent (whether or not it actually is a component of the 793 statute – WHICH IT IS NOT) as questionable; and the fact that her husband interfered with a public investigation by privately meeting with the AG of the United States in a completely inappropriate way at what can only be described as a strange time… No matter how you slices this one, Clintons looks dirty. And not just a little bit, but drenched in mud dirty…

    I got a call from a pollster yesterday. They asked me how I would vote given the Trump v Hillary choice and I said “After yesterday, [referring to Comey’s speech], I’m voting Trump.” The person on the other end of the phone tried to hide their laugh while failing to do so – I could tell they were a liberal polling agency by the tone…

  • JR

    And this is how a Republic dies. It saddens me greatly that I’m leaving my children a country in a lot worse shape than it was when I arrived here as an immigrant in 1991. Whatever else I accomplished, I failed at that. And for what? For what??? $%@%$ Hillary Clinton???? Are you $h!tting me? Really? The whole thing just bothers me.

    • Nevis07

      Sorry, JR. I can’t say it’s any worse than France at this point, but I understand your frustration – and for the record, I have family connections back to the founding fathers myself. It’s a beautiful disaster we’ve created – but still the best chance for liberty to thrive.

  • adk

    Here’s who likely has all Hillary’s emails and more – Putin. I’d bet he has something juicy, including video, on Bill too who has traveled to Moscow and Kazakhstan to help his big time donor Frank Giustra do lucrative business there

    The question now is what will he be doing with all that treasure trove. If he decides to help Trump, expect some very unpleasant for Hillary leaks some time in the fall. Or, he could wait until Hillary is elected and then start leaking the dirt. The upside for him would be the total paralysis of the Clinton administration & politics in the US as she would follow in the Bill’s footsteps and fight to the bitter end. Another possibility is just plain blackmail. Consider yourself forewarned.

  • Frank Natoli

    The Clinton scandal…is about more than careless email management
    This kind of language is indicative of Democrat spin, very humorously pretending to take Clinton to task.
    Everybody with the most minimal knowledge of the events, which presumably includes the above author, understands that Clinton was determined to keep ALL her communications “safe” from future FOI probes, and the only way to do that was the private server. Just on the basis of that, and that alone, she acted to evade the law and should have been prosecuted.
    She then compounded the evasion by moving classified information onto an unclassified, unsecured, private server, something EVERYONE with a clearance is trained, annually, to understand the serious consequences of, both to oneself and to one’s employer. But she has escaped the consequences because we are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation of politics, and her party has the power.

    • Rol_Texas

      The OP basically calls out the Clintons for taking bribes and engaging in influence peddling. I fail to see how OP’s language is “indicative of Democrat spin.” If Clinton’s using a private email server to mask evidence of corruption is the positive spin on this story, I’d hate to see what the negative spin looks like.

      • Frank Natoli

        Ok. Let me try again.
        There was no “careless email management”, which, if true, was something “understandable”, something we all do once in a while, something intended to obtain sympathy for the poor woman who meant no harm.
        All Clinton email management was exactly as intended, specifically to evade future FOI orders. This is NOT “understandable”, NOT something we all do once in a while.
        The setup of the private server was extremely CAREFUL not CARELESS. It was done to evade FOI.
        The movement of classified information to an unclassified, unsecured machine was a completely separate matter, also a felony violation of law.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    For the Democratic Party, the corruption starts at the top, with the most corrupt President in history. While Obama has managed to keep his hands clean, the number of lies and criminal scandals of his administration are innumerable.

  • adk

    Hillary is nothing but consistent. It’s just that the stakes and material rewards are now much, much higher than 20 years ago.

    January 8, 1996
    Essay;Blizzard of Lies


    Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar.

  • Jim__L

    The Clintons *are* the bosses of the Democrats.

    How’s that workin’ out for ya?

  • Josephbleau

    Hillary has crossed the Rubicon, we await our new master.

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