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Germany’s Energiewende Sticks It to the Poor
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  • QET

    What does it mean, exactly, to be “poor” in Germany? I am seriously asking. My impression is that every individual in Germany is provided with all of life’s necessaries and not a few things that until recently would have been universally understood to be luxuries. My impression is that a German lives his entire life in an environing capsule that is completely and rationally calculated, planned and maintained by the German State, his costs calculated and imposed by State experts to bear an exact and specified ratio, according to a fully rational scheme devised by trained State policy experts, to his income (salary/wages plus benefits) which is also calculated and provided (directly or indirectly) by the State. Living within such a comprehensively planned and rational order, how can a “poor” German object when the State’s experts assign certain costs to him that they do not assign to other components of the population? How can those costs be in any way “unfair” when they are the product of extremely precise and deliberate allocations of costs and benefits across the entire nation. How can it be unfair when any German is required to bear costs that are not equalized across the entire population when it is determined that such allocation is necessary to the expert-determined goals of the same State that provides him, and is able to provide him precisely because of such comprehensive State regulation of the entire social and economic basis of society, his income?

    • CaliforniaStark

      On average, 300,000 Germans have their electricity cut off for non-payment each year (see link below). Even in a generous welfare state, the government can reduce its citizens to poverty by bad policy decisions.

      • Scottar

        I had one German rebuttal me on another similar article that it was all bull, they don’t do that. From what I also have read the average German has much less then even the so called poor in the US, many seem to live in little better then efficiency apartment cluster if not in their ancestral homes. But the average German seem OK with that as long as they believe they are living green. I call it the Landrew complex from an old Star Trek show.

  • Boritz

    TAI has written extensively about how in the midst of all this the Germans are burning lots of coal. They have the worst of both worlds: very high energy costs and pollution as well. Here we are doing it the ‘right’ (actually Left) way: Shutting down coal for cleaner air (the stated, not the real goal) with the promise of hugely escalating energy costs to the middle class. If central planning works as usual the poor and wealthy will not be harmed nearly as much.

  • jim

    The Germans aren’t nearly as smart as people think they are. They’re actually far more ruled by emotion than the French or the Americans.

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