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The European Immigration Crisis
Poll: Half of Germans Sometimes Feel Like Foreigners in own Country

Germans are increasingly alienated by and angry with the country’s immigration policy. Reuters reports:

Every second respondent in the study of 2,420 people said they sometimes felt like a foreigner in their own country due to the many Muslims here, up from 43 percent in 2014 and 30.2 percent in 2009.

The number of people who believe Muslims should be forbidden from coming to Germany has also risen, the study showed, and now stands at just above 40 percent, up from about a fifth in 2009.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Leipzig in co-operation with the Heinrich Boell Foundation, the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation and the Otto-Brenner foundation.

Meanwhile the AfD continues to gain on Merkel. Open Europe reports:

The latest Forsa poll for RTL/Stern shows Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU dropping one point to 33%, while its centre-left coalition partner, the SPD, remains on 21%. The Greens are on 13%, followed by the right-wing populist AfD gaining one point to 11%. Die Linke are on 10%, whilst the liberal FDP is down one point on 6%.

It ain’t over for Mrs. Merkel and the establishment yet, but these numbers are not good, and things have been trending from bad to worse all spring. A year ago, the German establishment was brimming with confidence (not to say self-righteousness) in its “immigrants welcome” policy. Now that the staggering costs of the policy are becoming apparent—in money (€93B by 2020), in frayed relations with the rest of Europe, and in that the levels of education the immigrants have is far less than initially reported—the center-left and center-right are trending downward, and social cohesion is fraying.

Merkel won’t be toppled tomorrow, but the Turkey deal is fraying, more refugees are crossing to Italy, and nobody has come up with a long-term solution. If someone doesn’t, it’s hard to see how this ends well.

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  • Andrew Allison

    Hard to see how this ends well? How about this won’t end well?

    • Boritz

      Depends on who you are and the bennies formal and informal you have the opportunity to soak up.

      • Jim__L

        Even for those, the collapse of the system will mean the end of the bennies.

        So it’s only a matter of time, either way.

  • Jim__L

    Democracy appears to be working, to a great extent. People with new ideas are being phased in, as people with old unworkable ideologies are being phased out.

  • Observe&Report

    A one point shift in party polling is hardly seismic. The Germans are still too riven with shame and self-loathing over the two world wars they started (and lost) to kick out their snivelling weasel of a chancellor just yet.

  • Gene

    To me the most remarkable part of the story is what was mentioned in passing here, and in at least one earlier TAI post: that the Germans somehow believed that the refugees entering the country had the education to just step right into jobs in a sophisticated European economy with little difficulty. Unbelievable.

    • Andrew Allison

      The charitable explanation is that Germany thought that success of the Gastarbeiter program could be replicated. The less charitable one is that it was a cynical ploy to sell the immigration.

    • Ivar Ivarson

      And enthusiastically pay taxes to keep those Christian European monuments and culture going. If only the U.S. were more like Germany. We’re working on it.

  • gabrielsyme

    A great deal of damage to Germany’s long-term demographic balance has already been done. The remaining questions are largely about the effects of demographic change on German society (and that of other European nations). It is quite possible that ethnic Germans will ultimately choose to attempt to evict non-Germans rather than lose control of the nation to them, and accept minority status and subjection to a foreign culture. But, of course, short-term political benefits for socialist parties and lower wage costs for business are completely worth risking little less than civil war in the long term.

    • Alexander Rawls

      Except the choice of war will not be in the hands of the Germans. The invading army is there for conquest. Kill or be killed is already inevitable.

  • Nevis07

    The craziness of all of this is that Merkel has already admitted publically years ago that multiculturalism is a failed policy. Why precisely someone who claims to be a leader would pursue a policy despite not believing in it is beyond me. The West is committing mass cultural suicide all in the name of a naive liberal ideological philosophy, just so that the Social Justice Warriors can feel good about themselves.

    Europe may well be lost already. Though if Europe has any chance of saving its historical identity and culture, it will need to end the madness of EU immigration policy – the Europeans who actually care for their identity will need to hope Brexit starts the ball rolling next week. Of course the dismantling of key EU institutions presents many dangers and challenges as well. Things are not looking good over there…

    • Ivar Ivarson

      Annnnnnnnnnnnd it’s still OK to have the migrants travel to Europe in a “death race” scenario. Must be complicated to be a LibProgard.

  • Constitution First

    Europe is but a cautionary tale Progressives in this country try to hide like a fat lady in a bikini.

  • Larry J

    Germany is far from immune to a major terrorist attack. When (not if) it happens, Merkel will be toast.

  • InklingBooks

    It’s not surprising that this wave of mostly young male immigrants is poorly educated. A well-educated Syrian, say a surgeon, can easily find acceptance in the Arab world. And most well-educated people prefer to stay within their own language and culture, where the benefits of their education are yjr greatest.

  • Ivar Ivarson

    Gosh, when did the Germans give their country away? Man, even with the population displacements of 1945, at least they got Germans.

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