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Atomic Promise
America Ponies Up for the Promise of Nuclear Power

The American government just committed $82 million towards nuclear energy research, unveiled by energy secretary Ernest Moniz. The AP reports:

Moniz said Tuesday that the 93 research projects will help scientists innovate with nuclear technologies that can eventually enter the commercial market. He made the announcement while visiting the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory in eastern Idaho.

“Nuclear energy remains very important,” he said. “It remains by far the biggest source of carbon-free electricity.” […]

Much of the money announced Tuesday is heading for universities, about $36 million for 49 university-led projects. Fifteen universities also will receive nearly $6 million for research reactor and infrastructure improvements.

Moniz gets it, even if clueless greens don’t. The environmental movement can trace its origins back to a deep distrust of nuclear technologies, but for a group of people that profess to care about runaway greenhouse gas emissions more than just about any other problem facing the world today, it has shown a remarkable ability to ignore the most important zero-emissions energy source we have at hand: nuclear power. Any news of new nuclear projects or increased funding for its research and development is, therefore, an eco-friendly development.

But as positive a step as this is, we need to see a lot more money being spent on nuclear R&D. A whole host of new technologies await with the promise of a new generation of reactors that are safer, smaller, more modular, and less wasteful. So while Germany shutters its fleet of reactors as part of an energy transition it promises will help save the planet, here in the U.S. we’re acknowledging nuclear power for what it really is: the world’s green power workhorse.

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  • Frank Natoli

    Permit me to play prophet.
    The environmental maniacs have had their way for the last seven and a half years because they and the guy with the cell phone and the pen see eye-to-eye. Among any number of things, that meant no new nukes.
    Should a minor miracle happen, and Donald Trump be elected this coming November 8th, the same environmental maniacs will simply go to Plan B, which is to use legal challenges that Democrat appointed judges will find great merit it, which will also mean no new nukes.
    Elections have consequences, and the Democrat appointed judges, from Breyer-Ginsburg-Kagan-Sotomayor down to the lowliest federal district judge, will be doing incalculable damage well after many of us are dead, buried and forgotten.

  • Blackbeard

    This sum, $82 million, is a pathetic drop in bucket if you think of the billions upon billions we waste every year on hopeless Green fantasies such as the idea that we can run a modern industrial economy on windmills and solar panels. Moreover, as noted below, this is only research. Nothing will get built as long as the Greens are running things. Furthermore, the Greens are not just blocking new technologies they are working hard, and with considerable success, to dismantle our existing no-carbon and low carbon energy infrastructure such as nuclear, hydro and natgas.

    • vb

      The Greens have a lot of media support. They are often portrayed as heroic. It’s a shame that journalism schools don’t require basic science. BTW, the Greeens have also demonized vaccinations, GMOs, and Montsano, to say nothing about alerting us to the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide.

      • Blackbeard

        Exactly, and yet they are winning, at least in the West. What will historians in a hundred years say about a civilization that could do this to itself?

  • Fat_Man

    I am willing to wager the feds are spending more money on bird chomping Eco-crucifixes than they are on nuclear research.

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