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The EU and the Tech Revolution
Facebook, Twitter Agree to Self-Censor for EU
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  • Observe&Report

    If the CEO of Facebook is prepared to suck up to the architects of the Great Firewall, why is anyone surprised that he would do the same for the Brussels bureaucracy?

  • Matt_Thullen

    Hate to break the news, but Facebook has already decided to pick sides in the political wars. As opposed to Europe, the Silicon Valley giants will take sides based on their own preferences, rather than government ones, but the end result will be the same.

  • CaliforniaStark

    Tend to believe that Facebook, Twitter, etc were not so much “forced” to agree to the dictated code of conduct, as willing accomplices in developing it. Anyone familiar with tech company news feeds, such as Yahoo, see a continual bias stream of leftist news reporting — there is no real attempt to present contrasting views. The EU censorship policies provide legal justification for what these companies already do.

  • Andrew Allison

    Expect AGW skepticism to become “hate speech” in short order.

  • gabrielsyme

    Until recently, the small-l liberal model of civil rights and pluralism has been the almost-universally accepted model for political society. However, what is ever more apparent is that those on the left and our political elites have a rapidly decreasing interest in allowing the benefits of a liberal and pluralistic society to accrue to their perceived enemies – and so the Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby get dragged to the Supreme Court to try to force them to violate their consciences; the largest Christian university in Canada gets blocked by the legal profession as it tries to open a law school; those dissenting from the LGBT orthodoxy are hunted down and evicted from institutions and businesses. The list goes ever onward.

    Pluralism and civil liberties were the rules of the game that most everyone was fine with. But turnabout is fair play, and I suspect that liberals will be sorely distressed when they find that their opponents who have never been ideologically committed to such values become even more willing to dispense with them than they have been. The rules have changed, and it is our liberal rulers who have thrown them out. No respect for conscience, no respect for free speech, no respect for civil society. Well, those are ground rules reactionaries can live with – and perhaps, if we are to pull our civilization out of the demographic and cultural drain, it is just as well that we dispense with them. Let us hope that our liberal elites are hoisted on their own petards, and that right soon.

    • Blackbeard

      Exactly right. And then they’ll be surprised and horrified when Trump-like leaders rise to battle.

    • Jim__L

      “No respect for conscience, no respect for free speech, no respect for
      civil society. Well, those are ground rules reactionaries can live with”?

      I doubt that it would be too difficult to find people who respect American traditions (including marriage, Christianity, etc) who are willing to respect freedom as well. The general temperature of debate just has to be reduced — no more zero-sum rules at the Federal level.

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