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Flipping the Bird
Germany to Erdogan: We Will Recognize Armenian Genocide
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  • Wink Mattler

    How this woman survives, physically as well as politically, is a fascinating case study in how the media and public schools have been used to by the globalist elite to propagandize the masses against taking action to defend their best interests.

    • vb

      You have to consider the alternatives. The SPD’s Sigmar Gabriel is an idiot. The Greens want to outlaw fossil fuels and GMOs. The Left Party still dreams of the good old days under Honecker. Some of the most rational people in the AFD have left the party, and the remainder are single-issue anti-immigration people who will fade in a few years. The (classic liberal) FDP is still trying to reset after the horrible Westerwelle years. Who is your replacement?

      • Wink Mattler

        I’m not German, so I have no idea.
        But what you’ve outlined is a(nother) devastating indictment of democracy.
        But all of these Elites that have created the “Globalist” disaster need to pay for what they have done.

  • Jim__L

    “The genocide resolution certainly won’t sit well with Ankara—and that appears to be precisely its point.”

    So Germans are accusing the Turks of being genocidaires.

    What is the point, exactly?

    • Ofer Imanuel

      The Germans took responsibility for the genocides they inflicted on Jews and Gypsies. Since then, they are quite sensitive to genocides (at least compared to other countries). The Armenian genocide is a historical fact, that Turkey keeps denying.

      • Jim__L

        At this point in time, the number of Germans who participated in (and are thus responsible for, and thus on the hook to apologize for) genocide is small, and the number of Turks even smaller — even if you count the ethnic cleansing of Greeks and Christians from their millennia-old home in Asia Minor.

        I think that considering this a big deal is pretense. It’s virtue-signalling, with basically no practical effect whatsoever.

        • Ofer Imanuel

          A small correction: none of the Turks living today was an adult capable of doing harm at 1915. Also, any German that could have participated in the holocaust has to be pushing 90. However, Germany is still feeling strongly (relatively speaking) about the holocaust, as well as paying reparations for the small number of people still alive.

          Turkey will have no financial consequence, but note how important that denial is to them.

          • Jim__L

            A small correction, upon further reflection… Germany calling Turkey out on its genocide against Christians helps solidify the battle lines between Europe and the Middle East, while still condemning extreme acts against civilian populations.

            It’s not a bad move on Merkel’s part I guess, as a sop to Germans calling for the truth after the cover-ups of Cologne, but I suspect it will be too little, too late to save her.

            It may have the happy side-effect of ending the yawning silence regarding genocide against Christians in the Middle East today, but I wouldn’t expect Merkel (or any of our other elites) to actually DO anything about that. That will probably be up to whomever replaces Merkel.

            The only happy ending imaginable that leaves the current elites in power? German troops, including Turkish-Germans, intervene in the ME to prevent ethnic cleansing. It’s only barely imaginable, though.

          • Ofer Imanuel

            We are in agreement. Christians are suffering everywhere in the middle east, except Israel and AFAIK Turkey.

  • ljgude

    This is what beleaguered status quo politicians do when the status quo is falling apart around them (that’s a dog whistle for ‘Blue Model’ in these parts, me hearties!) and the resolution is a very civilized European way of Trumping Erdogan the Magnificent. Too bad a certain lower house didn’t have the testicular fortitude to pass a resolution branding the Ayatollahs their Great Shatanic Majesties.

  • rheddles

    Weren’t the Germans allied with the Ottomans during the genocide? Does the legislation include an apology for Germany’s part? Or was that in Versailles?

    • Kevin

      To be fair, the German officers (mostly serving as military advisors) who became aware if it were horrified and reported it back to Berlin.

  • charlesrwilliams

    The Armenian genocide was not the first or the last Ottoman genocide.

  • Beauceron

    Turkey has destroyed Germany with a muslim immigrant bomb, but Germany will recognize the Armenian genocide from a hundred years ago.

    That’ll show ’em!

    Now you still have to deal with 3-5 million immigrants in your country.

    Which means it won’t be your country.

    Turkey has won without firing a shot. Wonder who will be around to talk of the German genocide?

    • Tom

      You are aware that there are something like 80 million Germans, right? Ease up on the freak-out over the demography.

  • Angel Martin

    In the current day EU, this sort of passive-aggressive gesture counts as a “robust” foreign policy.

    No wonder the muslims are getting ready to plow them under.

  • sukruaya

    Are we to judge historical truths from grandma stories, personl sufferings generalized, or irrefutable documents such as treaties, memorandum, secret correspondence which is being gradually unearthed (whilst Armenian archives are shut for ever, not to let the blood inside spill)?. Suggest learn League of Nations General Secretary’s Matrch 1, 1920 note that Turkish governments were not involved in acts of banditries or then League of Nations Official Gazette 21.9.1929 attesting officially that Armenians fought on the side of enemies against their own country believing giviven promises of super Powers and that 200.000 “sacrificed their l,ives for the Entente” but when peace was concluuded they were left flat. What do are we to trust, Official concrete documents or tales without an inch of supporting document. There are “plentu official documents” attesting the “refinements of cruelties” done by Armenians, but not a single committee statement or report about the “retalliation of Turks” whih normally should have happenned.. Genocide is a “ğperonal crime” to be decided by verdict of an authorized international tribunal. Who is the criminal, what court decided? Can you judge today, events a century old? Is Crime and Punishment hereditary or contagious… The whole thing is a “smart way of making livings by selling animosity stories”… This is exactly waht the Reno Evening Gazette wrote on N ov. 14, 1915 that “some Armenians were robbing their own people living in luxyury for the past 30 years. Dashnak’s consitution calls for paying the requested sum; if you do not pay Angel Gabriel (sinless) punishes you taking your life… It is all written by Armnians and books, bylaws etc. if you have the patience to read and find out.

    • Tom

      Oh, look, Turkish propagandists come out to play. Given the amount of supporting documentation from missionaries, German advisers, and orders from Enver Pasha, I think we can safely say that Turkey did actually attempt to commit genocide upon the Armenians. Now please go peddle your nonsense to Erdogan’s nationalists, where it will be appreciated.

      • sukruaya

        This is not a serious reply when we are arguing a century old history. There is “dependable documentation from any (fanaticcal) missionaries either”. You cannot submit one page of authentic documentation of any judiacial v alue: Why stir up Erdogan opf today in a matter of WW-1 history, when many people dies for their honor to save their countr.y. End of discussion, I do not answer smart comments without any dependable documentation. About Enver take the trouble to read General Schelledorf’s Article in Deutsche Algemine Zeitung, no. 342. July 24, 1921 translated in English. You can frach on internet “The Genocide of Truth” pages ..I am afraid you have no time to read and satisfy yourself before debating in fron of the world. Sorry Sir, by by.. fulstop.

        • Tom

          Translation: I’m a Turkish propagandist who denies the truth. Get real, Seljuq. We know what happened, so do you.

        • Avram Cohen

          Your denial is old news, please go back to bed idiot! Not only 1.5 Christian Armenians butchered by Turkey but what about the other million Assyrians and Greeks killed by the Turkish sword??… yeah it’s all made up, lol!

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