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misinformation age
The New Media Overlords
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  • Frank Natoli

    new media has simply transferred power from middle-aged WASPs in stuffy New York City network newsrooms to a more diverse, and younger, set of elites in posh Silicon Valley open offices.
    You don’t say!
    Ever hear of Jon Stewart a/k/a Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz?
    Have any idea how many MILLIONS of [principally young] Americans got their “news” from this Left-wing comedian each night? And were absolutely certain it was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
    Remember, these are the same class of people slapping “Feel the Bern” bumper stickers on their Priuses. Real smart.

  • Matt B

    I work for a well-known internet company (not Facebook, but it’s the same labor pool). Not too long ago I joked to a couple of colleagues about how some new development was “practically Orwellian”. Turns out they had never heard of George Orwell, 1984, or Big Brother.

    • Jim__L

      At a dinner party consisting of an uncommonly cultured set of Silicon Valley techies, only one had ever read Brave New World.

  • Bucky Barkingham

    People who rely on Facebook as their primary news source are probably not deep thinkers. Anyone with any interest in finding out what’s happening in the world, and who is not mesmerized by Facebook and Twitter on their smart phone, have almost unlimited sources available on the internet. As yet the left has not been able to stiffle Politically Incorrect web sources, but surly not for lack of trying.

    • Beauceron

      People who rely on social media for news may not be deep thinkers, but their votes count the exact same as those who are deep thinkers.

      And that is what’s important.

      • CosmotKat

        But it is a damn shame, no? Since they are basically indoctrinated and uninformed.

  • ljgude

    I think it is important to notice that there are profound structural differences among print, television and Facebook/Twitter journalism. And I think there is a clear progression too – they become more superficial through time. You have to be smart and verbally skillful to be a print journalist, you have to be good looking to be a TV journalist, and you only have to be quick witted, not knowledgeable, to be a successful Facebook/Twitter journalist. Read David Samuel’s May 5th article in the NY Times Magazine about how Ben Rhodes shapes ‘The Narrative’ from the White House through manipulating Twitter in near real time. Matt and Jim have it right – the new generation of reporters havrn’t read Orwell of Huxley. What I think social media does with news beside shape ‘The Narrative’ in the old way is set up powerful opinion/belief currents within the body politic that work differently than the older media did. These currents propagate faster and have a stronger effect and so far they have ben less visible than the old streams of influence. I don’t think we knew what we were seeing in 2008 when Obama blew past Hillary because the phenomena itself so new it was invisible and we were distracted by the novelty of an African American candidate who also happened to be a master rhetorician. Plus there were plenty of good old fashioned reasons for why Obama won, but in 2016 we see two improbable candidates as different as chalk and cheese running way better than any conventional political analysis can explain. It may be a bit like the sudden popularity of a gladiator in the Roman Forum back in the good old days – today’s connected mob throws this or that one up as the hero of the hour and just as quickly throws them to the lions. The vetting is non existent and connection to reality tenuous at best. Look at the discrepancy between the marketed Obama of 2008 and what he did in office. Try to visualize a Trump or a Sanders presidency without resorting to shameless projection as many did with Obama. It is all virtual. Nothing is real. The are just characters in a massive computer game where there is no substance, no right, no wrong and most of all no consequences. Hi, my name is Virgil and Welcome to The Postmodern Hades Experience. I’ll be you guide tonight.

    • What I think social media does with news beside shape ‘The Narrative’ in the old way is set up powerful opinion/belief currents within the body politic that work differently than the older media did.

      The current itself is hardly new … it’s the same old push to join the Cool Kids. What is different, is how the social-media engineers can leverage technology to amplify and steer that current.

      • ljgude

        I think what I had in mind by currents was the kind of thing that happened with Obama in 08 or Trump and Sanders in 16. But I agree that people are working like crazy “to leverage and steer those currents”. It looks to me like something is out of the control of the social engineers old and new, right and left.

        • Jim__L

          I can’t really imagine Donald Trump being in the thrall of any kind of puppetmaster.

          Maybe someone talked him into running in the first place, as a favor. But at this point, nothing would shock me more than Trump being in this for anything other than making Donald Trump President.

  • Beauceron

    But we all “knew” this anyway, didn’t we?

    We know the media establishment is not just Left, but far Left. They are biased, prejudiced, bigoted. They act and work from those prejudices and biases.

    It’s nice to have some concrete evidence, but it had become so overwhelmingly obvious that I cannot imagine this makes much difference to anyone who has been paying attention.

    • Jim__L

      Beauceron, honest to God, I’m sure if the SVR actually paid attention to boards like this, they would dearly love seeing posters like you spread (superficially conservative-friendly) demoralizing claptrap on every thread here. If they paid enough attention to boards like this, they’d probably pay someone to say just what you’re saying.

      Your posts are as bad as the “nothing to see here” defenders of Hillary’s crimes and misdemeanors.

      If you don’t have anything constructive to say, you should think twice before posting.

      • Beauceron

        What about my post demoralized your delicate sensibilities, Jimbo?

        You OK, buddy?

        • Jim__L

          Despair is a sin, Beauceron. A worldly-wise failure is still a failure.

  • CosmotKat

    Suppression of points of view and information that does not comport to the progressive ideological stance is nothing new. It’s been happening on our college campuses, is now filtering down to the high school in fact grades k-12 where indoctrination begins. the question is why? It seems to me that the fantasy ideology of the Progressive mind cannot tolerate the notion someone disagrees with them.

    • The Progressive worldview requires blind faith in the omniscience of selected members of the human species, in order to make sense. Is it no wonder that such blind faith leads to the perception that theirs is The One And Only True Way?

      • CosmotKat

        Well said.

  • Terenc Blakely

    “new media has simply transferred power from middle-aged WASPs in stuffy New York City network newsrooms to a more diverse, and younger, set of elites in posh Silicon Valley open offices”

    Well the new gatekeepers may have a sprinkling of asians and females but the majority are still white and male. More importantly they all have the same political leanings maybe even more so than the old gatekeepers.

    • Jim__L

      Worse than the old gatekeepers. Far worse. Imagine if the old-style Hollywood revolutionary communists (yes, they did exist) actually had control of mainstream outlets.

  • Chuck Pelto

    What they are telling you can be important. What they are NOT telling you can be VITAL!

  • Another example of the Blue Social Model, in action.

    This is what we have gotten, and will continue to get, as long as the consumers of media don’t take the individual initiative to analyze and question the product, and instead let the “experts” and “leaders” within the media do their thinking for them.

    Even if one has only sewer pipes for information, one can at least treat the effluent with common sense and discern the truth.

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