Corruption in Brazil
Brazil’s Former President to Be Indicted?
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  • Marcia Freitas

    As a brazilian, I can say that the so called welfare programs and educational reforms the ex-president Lula did were poor! There are many talks about things that indeed don’t work so well as the corrupts try to make others believe! Most of all, I guess it’s a president’s duty to try to do something for the less fortunated ones. And he and his allies did it making harm to others who work. In our country, the welfare program Bolsa Família is being used for lazy people who prefers to stay home instead of looking for a job. And us, that work, breed those lazy ones. I don’t think it’s just or fair. They take part on vocational courses, but when they know that, if they get a job, they will lose the benefit, they DON’T accept a job! According to the news broadcasted by brazilian media, 6 from 10 brazilians receive the benefit, the 4 out of the program pay the bill… As to Dilma’s impeachment, althoug there could have been picked up others reasons for that, it was very well grounded. And, if the impeachment’s supporters are so dirty as Lula, Dilma and their allies, that fact doesn’t take the importance of the impeachment for, at least, starts the cleaning of brazilian politicians. I hope you have unterstand, despite my poor english. Bye bye…

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