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The Syrian Civil War
Good Thing No Israelis Were Present

Ten thousand Palestinian refugees have been trapped for a week without food or water in the Yarmouk camp near Damascus, the U.N. agency for the relief of Palestinian refugees reports. The Guardian:

“Civilians in Yarmouk are facing starvation and dehydration alongside the heightened risks of serious injury and death from the armed conflict,” said Christopher Gunness, a UNRWA spokesman. People are trapped in their homes, hunkered down to avoid being hit by bullets and shrapnel, he added.

The camp, a sprawling urban neighbourhood that was once home to 150,000 people, has been ravaged by fighting between Isis and al-Qaida’s Syrian affiliate, al-Nusra Front, while government forces regularly shell it from outside. “Whatever supplies of food and water they had have long been exhausted,” Gunness said.

Humanitarian missions are on standby to deliver aid to Yarmouk as soon as the situation allows such access, the UNRWA said.

This would be a major worldwide story with mass marches in half a dozen big cities if Israel were responsible for something like this in Gaza. But as it is—yawn.

It isn’t love of Palestinians that motivates much of the anti-Israel rage one sees on every side; it is… well, hatred of somebody else.

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  • ljgude

    My father used to tell a religious joke that I always rather liked. Apologies in advance to your Quaker and Methodist readers – it really isn’t about those two fine faiths. Anyhow a Quaker owned a very troublesome horse that caused no end of trouble until one day the Quaker had had a gutfull. He said to the horse “I cannot whip thee and I cannot beat thee for I am a Quaker, but I can sell thee to a Methodist and he will whip thee and he will beat thee!” Just a joke, but it illustrates the principle at work here. After the Holocaust non Jewish Westerners were prevented from openly indulging their ancient sport of anti Semitism. It became politically inconvenient. The solution has been to deny anti Semitism and claim to be merely anti Zionist and give every encouragement to the Palestinians to pursue a one state solution in which, to the relief of many of these people, the Jews will finally be eliminated. Understanding this principle it becomes clear why the possible death of 10,000 Palestinians at the hands of non Jews is not important.

    • Ellen

      Agreed. But the impending collapse of the Palestinian Authority tells us something. Other than Marwan Barghouti who sits in jail for 20 years for murdering Jews, no one else has the interest or popular support to become the successor to Abbas when he passes from the scene. A member of the Likud has estimated that this event will happen in one year or less.

      What does this tell us? It tells us that no one in the West Bank really wants to run the PA, even with all that money flowing in from Europe and America and the occasional check from the Gulf, to support the so-called Palestinian national cause. The level of enthusiasm for Palestinian national sovereignty has declined to such a low ebb, that the only people who still really want to see a Palestinian state are the remnants of the Israeli left and the farbrendt anti-Semites in Europe and America (and their fellow travellers such as Bernie Sanders). It seems that most West Bank Palestinians want to be incorporated into what they used to call “the Zionist entity.” More and more of them are sending their children to learn Hebrew and to study in the Zionist school system of East Jerusalem.

      Such has been the failure of Arab sovereignty all over the Middle East. Being a citizen of the Zionist state is now viewed as a privilege, and not a curse. Ask the Druze in the Golan if you still have doubts.

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