The Syrian Civil War
Good Thing No Israelis Were Present

Ten thousand Palestinian refugees have been trapped for a week without food or water in the Yarmouk camp near Damascus, the U.N. agency for the relief of Palestinian refugees reports. The Guardian:

“Civilians in Yarmouk are facing starvation and dehydration alongside the heightened risks of serious injury and death from the armed conflict,” said Christopher Gunness, a UNRWA spokesman. People are trapped in their homes, hunkered down to avoid being hit by bullets and shrapnel, he added.

The camp, a sprawling urban neighbourhood that was once home to 150,000 people, has been ravaged by fighting between Isis and al-Qaida’s Syrian affiliate, al-Nusra Front, while government forces regularly shell it from outside. “Whatever supplies of food and water they had have long been exhausted,” Gunness said.

Humanitarian missions are on standby to deliver aid to Yarmouk as soon as the situation allows such access, the UNRWA said.

This would be a major worldwide story with mass marches in half a dozen big cities if Israel were responsible for something like this in Gaza. But as it is—yawn.

It isn’t love of Palestinians that motivates much of the anti-Israel rage one sees on every side; it is… well, hatred of somebody else.

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