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Backward Thinking in San Francisco
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  • Andrew Allison

    Does anybody live in a home that doesn’t have “gender-neutral” bathrooms? Just a thought.

    • qet

      They’re all single-occupancy rooms. If a college or a workplace wants to install 5 separate single-room bathrooms instead of a single 5-stall/5-urinal bathroom, then there would be no problem. Maybe that’s what the people who want to dictate every last detail of our daily lives ought to do–mandate single-occupancy only bathrooms.

      • Andrew Allison

        Are you partnered-up [grin]? More seriously, there’s nothing other than modesty prevent a woman from using the men’s room. It’s been 30-odd years since I first experienced a men’s room invasion by women who weren’t prepared to stand in line for the ladies’ room (nobody seemed embarrassed). As a practical matter, urinals in public bathrooms are at least semi-private, and stalls have doors with latches. How about just replacing the “Men” signs with something indicating that there are urinals? This would not only eliminate the transgender nonsense, but cut down on waiting time for the ladies. I’d especially like to read the views of lady readers on this.

        • qet

          I share a house with 3 women. And I would not be too quick to trivialize “modesty.” It once was considered a virtue and in some quarters still is, and not only in women.

          But the issue is not the mere existence of a gender-neutral bathroom but its being mandated by the authorities. It has become traditional to separate multi-user bathrooms and so anyone seeking change needs to justify the change, not make those comfortable with the status quo justify that. Coercing all people to behave in a different manner just because a very very very few people will find it more to their liking is no justification at all. A “trans” person who says he feels uncomfortable using a men’s room is no more entitled to consideration than a natural woman who says she is uncomfortable having a man in the ladies’ room. Why should his comfort trump hers? If there is nothing other than modesty preventing a natural woman from using a men’s room then there is equally nothing other than modesty preventing a “trans” person from using the room assignable to his/her original anatomical configuration. Therefore the only correct conclusion is that the whole matter is simply an exercise of the Left’s will to power. And I say that needs to be resisted, forcefully.

          • Andrew Allison

            It was certainly not my intention to trivialize modesty, which is indeed a virtue. I couldn’t agree more with the rest of your comment.

          • Johnathan Swift Jr.

            Yes, in the end, virtually everything the left does is about making everyone bow down and kiss the ring.

            The HCA has numerous examples. They easily could have avoided a number of court fights and a lot of spending by carving out some religious exemptions for contraception. The reason this was not done was to bring religious people to heel once again.

            And the actual efficacy of any program is simply immaterial. There are job programs galore from the feds, dozens and dozens of them and virtually none of them work. It would be easier just to pay the enrollees not to work, but results never matter.

            Head Start is another sick joke. Study after study shows that it does little if any good and of course costs a boatload of money. However, it must be imposed because it can be and because it offers the opportunity of separating offspring from sperm and egg donors at an early age, so much better to indoctrinate them.

            Any one with an Obamesque “smidgen” of common sense, knows that the number of maladjusted transgendered people is infinitesimal, absolutely infinitesimal, so in a just world we would say, “you’re on your own, go in a men’s room stall if you cross dress and hide your junk. We don’t need to see it, nor worry about it.” But for the tiny number of these people, everything has to change, it’s all about making everyone kneel, proving that everyone can be made to kiss the ring.

        • Jim__L

          Are you partnered up with any random person off the street, who by law must be allowed to use the bathroom in your home, or are you selective about who you let in your home?

          Here’s some food for thought:

          A rape survivor speaks out about transgender bathrooms.

          • Andrew Allison

            As a faithful reader of my comments, you know perfectly well that I’m happily married to a random person I met at a Tango workshop [grin].
            Don’t confuse Unisex with transgender. The concern you raise is valid, which I why I offered the idea of signifying that the signage indicate the presence of urinals (and hence, potentially, users thereof).
            As I understand it, the transgender issue is one of former males using the ladies room. I’d like to figure out whether the usual users of said facilities object, or just (I suspect largely male) transgender haters.

          • Jim__L

            Skip to the last ten seconds or so to get the point. Someone’s got to stand up and speak for Reality.

        • Ofer Imanuel

          What about locker rooms / showers?

          • Andrew Allison

            Neither have the semi-privacy provided by public bathrooms.

      • Jim__L

        The chapel at Stanford University was open 24 hours a day until a number of years ago, when they started closing at night. The dean gave the reason, “More souls have likely been conceived there than saved there.”

        I suspect single-occupancy bathrooms would be popular at colleges, but less singly occupied than intended.

    • Johnathan Swift Jr.

      There are real reason that women don’t like sharing bathrooms with we men and since many men many may not know, I’ll air it out so to speak.

      Because of an accident of anatomy, we men, with our dangling participles, can stand to urinate, piss, pee, whiz, drain the radiator, empty the tank, whatever euphemism you prefer, whilst the female of the species, the other sex, usually sits down to relive themselves. Thus, a conventional toilet in the loo can remain virtually pristine, if the women in using the bathroom are at all civilized and habituated. On the other hand, there are legions of men whose aim is less than true, even some I would guess, who don’t care to aim at all, like a mongrel dog who sees a virgin hydrant and most inform all the other dogs in the ‘hood that a new one is in town.
      Thus bathrooms used by men are often a nasty mess with urine surrounding the toilet and often streaming out of the stall.

      Whenever possible, properly acculturated men would like to avoid having their shoes soaked in another man’s piss and women, well, they naturally would like to avoid the nasty spectacle of a urine decorated lavatory altogether. And even some of us men would like to see women spared the indignity of sharing the bathroom with male fools who can’t hit the mark…and worse.

      • Andrew Allison

        Nonsense. As I remarked in my comment, not only do the female inhabitants of households share bathrooms with men as a matter of course but, when push comes to shove, ladies are quite prepared to occupy (in both senses) a public men’s room. Furthermore, in said public men’s rooms, the appendage is directed at a urinal, not a toilet. Meanwhile, the fair sex (the only one whose opinion matters in this discussion) remains to be heard from.

  • Dale Fayda

    “Is this the future of housing policy in the progressive city? Generous amenities for the wealthy, and eviction notices for ordinary workers—unless they belong to a group, like schoolteachers, favored by the city’s left-wing political machine?”

    Is that a trick question, TAI? Of course, it’s the future! In fact, it has been “the present” for several years now all across the Bay Area. Well, that was an easy one…

    The Left is what it is and it does what it does. All exhortations to change their ways will have the same affect as telling dogs to stop licking themselves in public – pointless for us and annoying and incomprehensible for them.

  • Techtor Gorch

    “This sets us on the level of European social democracies that have more forward-thinking policies,” Supervisor Eric Mar said proudly of the family leave law.

    Are those the same European social democracies that are being overrun by the Muslim horde that provides cover for some not-insignificant number of Islamist death-cultists?

  • MrJest

    “The Golden Gate City is a idyllic haven for the tech and financial
    elite, who enjoy access to luxurious apartments without a high-rise in

    Um. Has the author ever SEEN San Francisco??

  • Cromulent

    The wreckage is gonna be awesome.

    • John Stephens

      Fun to watch from a safe distance, but underestimating the blast radius is a mistake most people only get to make once.

    • Fifty Ville

      Good looting opportunities, too! Now what did I do with Zuckerberg’s address?

  • Robert Burke

    San Francisco could fix all things by defunding the Global Progressive Agenda from K-12, university, law and journalism schools… and replacing the pedagogy with Western Enlightenment. This is the solution that fixes all things, and does it quickly and humanely.

    Fourth of July 2016 Speech (Proposed) Lincoln-like, if you will… Lyceum, the pattern.

  • May the Progressive artists and activists take it in the bum, most vigorously and dry.

    • Johnathan Swift Jr.

      The problem is that this is SOP for them and they like it. There is nothing and I mean nothing that is to vile for San Francisco. If you want to catch up to the reality of this blue paradise, check out the Zombietime blog. Real images from the decline of Western Civilization.

  • Fifty Ville

    San Francisco is like an elegantly dressed man with dirty bare feet and an incredible amount of foul toe cheese.

    • Johnathan Swift Jr.

      I would say, San Francisco is like a supposedly high-class call girl, but underneath the shiny designer clothing you find a tranny with fake breasts that look like Dr. Frankenstein sewed them on with shoelaces wearing stained lingerie which covers AIDS rotted equipment that was not standard issue for any woman.

  • Diggsc

    This could not be happening to a more deserving city or group of plutocrats.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    A city that has been run by an increasingly radicalized left that is increasingly pits rich against poor? A left wing city filled with so many defecating homeless street people that you have to download a “poop app” on your phone to avoid the piles of fly-covered feces? A city with a severely limited number of rent-controlled apartments, where few new apartments are built? A leftist paradise with exploding home prices, which is pricing the middle class and even the only wealthy out of the rental market, let along the pipe dream of home ownership?
    Who would have thought? The “blue model” reigns supreme.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    The real San Francisco and the Bay Area left has been extensively documented in a fine, but disturbing blog called “Zombietime” for many years. Her photo essays should be required viewing of what can happen to a once great city when the depraved left take total control, this is the future for all cities at the rate we are going, depravity on a scale that Sodom and Gomorra residents could only dream of:

    As it devolves, San Francisco will increasing look like a painting by Hieronymus Bosch, one of the ones on view in Vienna perhaps.

    • White Knight Leo

      “Her photo essays”
      I love Zombie, but I’m pretty sure he has never publicly identified himself nor admitted to his sex in any forum. I recall one essay saying he felt it would be more difficult to document the things he documents if he was ever identified.

  • White Knight Leo

    “And of course, these new rules will drive up rents even higher by making landlords wary of signing leases with public employees.”

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