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Building Africa
Another Shambolic Election in Africa
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  • Beauceron

    Well, considering that here in the US, it’s beginning to look like the Republican establishment will pull a fast one at the GOP convention and the Democratic frontrunner may be (or would be, if she was not who she is) under federal indictment, and the Republican frontrunner is a boorish reality TV star, I am not sure we are in a position to be lecturing anyone on governance.

    • Tom

      No one’s been killed yet.

      • Beauceron

        No, but the article states “the poll at the weekend was marred by street clashes.”

        We’ve had that. Leftists/Sanders supporters go on raids to a political opponent’s speech and shut them down using intimidation and the heckler’s veto. That is straight-up banana republic stuff (or, quite literally- no ad-Hitlerum, brown shirt stuff).

        • Tom

          Fair enough. I suspect, however, that things are going to get worse before they get better. I keep having these flashbacks to the 1850s.

          • Beauceron

            Here in the US?

            Oh, it is going to get way worse.

          • Hubbub

            I agree – things can get much worse, and they will, before things get better, if ever. We are probably one or two major disasters from total chaos in the States – natural or man-made disasters.

  • lukelea

    The problem is a calamitous absence of human capital, something everybody knows but nobody — except this guy: — wants to talk about.

  • Anthony

    As Francis Fukuyama has stated, “All Good Things Do Not Necessarily Go Together” (The State, Rule of Law, Democracy). There is generally an African Mode of governance (inferred in WRM’s title) – Neopatrimonialism. Neopatrimonialism (politics centered around the figure of the President or Big Man) characterizes many states on the continent, lamentations above not withstanding. Moreover, “the authority of Presidents are enormous and not shared with legislatures, courts, or ministers regardless of what the constitution says.” So, Congo’s election presents opportunity for…but avails no insights for those on the ground. Perhaps, more seriously outside reporting may shed light but for what purpose.

  • Fat_Man

    I was reminded of this article:

    “For God’s Sake, Please Stop the Aid!” “… Kenyan economics expert James Shikwati, 35, says that aid to Africa
    does more harm than good. The avid proponent of globalization spoke with SPIEGEL about the disastrous effects of Western development policy in Africa, corrupt rulers, and the tendency to overstate the AIDS problem.”

    Spiegel Interview With African Economics Expert Der Spiegel 27/2005 • July 4, 2005

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