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The Wrong Way to Stand Up for Israel
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  • Frank Natoli

    Problem: how to hate Jews without saying “I hate Jews”.
    Solution: say instead “I hate Zionists”.
    Benefit: jokers like the probably Jewish author of this article buy the solution hook, line, sinker, rod, reel and boat.

  • EJK

    Just to add a bit of historical accuracy:
    (In 1890) Problem: How to say “I hate Jews”.
    Solution: “I am an anti-Semite. This is the latest scientific theory!”

    (In 1948) Problem: How to say “I hate Jews”.
    Solution (In Soviet Union): “I hate Cosmopolitans.”
    Solution (in the US): ” I hate Communists.”

    (In 2016) Problem: Hot to say “I hate Jews.”
    Solution: “I hate Zionists.”

    Why can’t you just simplify this to “I hate Jews”?

    • White Knight Leo

      Solution (in the US): ” I hate Communists.”
      Except I do hate Communists. Some Jews were Communist, but the majority were not.

  • Andrew Allison

    Isn’t the answer to require “the same rules of P.C., offensiveness, and civility it has set on other contentious issues.”?

  • Both approaches (reasoned, passionate defense of Israel/Zionism and calling it discrimination to actively discriminate against one and only one country) make sense. It’s not one or the other.

    But the crux of the issue is this: “The campus Left perceives Jews as higher up on the privilege hierarchy than other minority groups, and therefore does not and will not feel bound by the same rules of P.C., offensiveness, and civility it has set on other contentious issues.”

    Jews are seen as white and privileged. Period. They (we) are not seen as having suffered the indignities that many minorities experience even though 2,000 years of history proves otherwise.

    • Jim__L

      I think the main issue here is that “privilege” actually means “holding to beliefs and practices (i.e., cultural assets) that tend to make individuals more prosperous, that anyone could in fact adopt if they bothered to and weren’t so busy peddling grievances and a victimhood mentality”.

      The simple fact is, Jewish success is deeply problematic to the Politically Correct. If the victims of well-documented historical discrimination can prosper in spite of it all, especially without SJW support, it really makes SJWs look like they’re completely on the wrong track.

      • You’re 100% right about this.

      • Andrew Allison

        You don’t understand. The task of the SJW is not to improve the lot of a group but to bring down any that appear to have some sort of social advantage. As aptly described by Churchill: “Social­ism is a phi­los­o­phy of fail­ure, the creed of igno­rance, and the gospel of envy, its inher­ent virtue is the equal shar­ing of misery.”

  • Anthony

  • delta 5297

    Define “anti-Zionism”. If by anti-Zionism we mean people who want to abolish the state of Israel and deport its citizens off to who-knows-where…well, that’s going too far and it shouldn’t be done even if it were possible to do so. However if by anti-Zionism we mean that Israel’s creation (starting with the Balfour Declaration) was morally wrong and amounted to ethnic cleansing, that Israel should apologize for its past and refrain from further land grabs of Palestinian territory…then we should all be anti-Zionists.

    • JR

      It must really make you angry that Israel continues to prosper and produce world-class R&D despite constant invocations of people like you. I sympathize, I really do.

      • Jim__L

        JR, how does taunting people help this situation?

        Delta’s point is one a reasonable person can hold. The Balfour Declaration was effectively Imperial England handing out land that didn’t belong to them to people that didn’t live there, the spoils of a war as yet unwon, in the face of promises it had made to others (who had lived there for centuries) who were bleeding and dying for the British already. Palestinians really have been kinda screwed here. Current and proposed security measures involve screwing them further. There are people who are getting the short end of the stick, who have grievances far more legitimate than typical SJW-fodder.

        A reasonable person could further conclude, particularly in hindsight, that putting a Jewish homeland in the middle of the Levant (where Jews are hated with a burning passion that even surpasses the degree to which they were despised in anti-Semitic Europe) may not have been the best idea. How often has the modern Jewish state in the Middle East come to the brink of extinction? Have any of its neighbors have stopped hating it? Do Israel’s security measures ameliorate its diplomatic problems, or compound them? How vulnerable is Israel based on its size, geography, and population distribution? Because Israel is where it is, how much of the Jewish population of the world could currently be snuffed out with a single medium- (or short-) range nuke?

        To put it bluntly, defending the place is a strategic nightmare with no (good) end in sight. It is deeply tempting to say we should wash our hands of the whole mess — especially when Israeli officials start saying things like, “it would be better if ISIS ran Syria, rather than Iran” despite the fact that ISIS is doing to Middle Eastern Christians (committing genocide) exactly what the Israelis are demanding all decent people make all efforts to prevent being done to Jews.

        What I’m asking here — and it’s not a big ask, really it isn’t, especially not considering what America did in ’73 — that people who support Israel show some real graciousness, and for Israel to start showing their allies the same consideration that they have been shown.

        • JR

          I taunt because I’m sick and tired of Israel being the only country in the world constantly having to defend its own existence. You don’t like Jews? Fine by me. But don’t tell me it’s because of what some British dude thought a hundred years ago that you think Israel’s existence is a mistake. Own your prejudice.
          BTW, the people blowing themselves up at Brussels weren’t doing it for Palestinians. The idea that somehow everyone cares so much about Palestinians in the Arab world is simply not true. About 35 Belgians are no longer able to nod in agreement.

          • Jim__L

            JR, why do you think I don’t like Jews?

            I think that another Holocaust would be a catastrophe and a black mark on the whole of humanity. I do not think that the modern state of Israel is the best way to prevent that. Deep down, neither do Jews living in America, who have effectively voted with their feet.

          • JR

            I don’t think that you hate Jews. Nor do I think Israel is perfect. I just don’t understand why Israel is forced to constantly apologize for its existence. And I take a great deal of pride that despite being located in a cesspit that is Middle East, Israel continues to outperform every country in the region by orders of magnitude.

          • Jim__L

            The US is supposed to apologize for taking over North America and turning it into a prosperous place. (That’s probably a big reason why it’s so easy for Americans to sympathize with Israel.)

            It’s fair to ask though — is that model likely or unlikely to succeed with Israel in the Middle East? How’s that working out for them?

    • adk

      “… that’s going too far and it shouldn’t be done even if it were possible to do so.”

      Are you by any chance British? For they are known for this expression, “An anti-Semite is someone who hates the Jews more than is necessary.”

    • Clive Walters

      Lots of things in history were ‘morally’ wrong from our completely different context. At the time the Balfour approach was morally right to give a very oppressed minority a home in their historic land where they could defend themselves. Of course, the surrounding states hate to see that the desert can become productive through work and thought and so want to reduce the success of Israel to their own pathetic dust bowls.
      If we want to wind back the ‘moral wrongs’ of history then we have to undo the whole thing: send Europeans out of North America, send Angles and Saxons out of Celt-land (England), it would never end and be futile.
      Let’s all go back to the Ark and start again…

  • This is never ending and the worse thing is, it’s affecting other muslim countries in Asia.

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