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Brexit and Beyond
Next Up in the EU: Czexit?

With four months to the Brexit vote, EU referenda seem to be getting more and more popular in Europe. Open Europe reports:

Czech President Milos Zeman yesterday voiced support for a potential referendum on EU exit in the country, arguing, “I’m on the side of those who are against a [Czech] EU exit, but I also oppose those who want to prevent citizens from voting on this issue.”

Anti-Brussels referenda are in the air: the Netherlands, where euroskeptics have done well in both polls and the last round of EU parliamentary elections, are holding a non-binding one on the EU’s association agreement with Ukraine. In Hungary, Viktor Orban has called for a referendum on the mandatory refugee redistribution quota—which are in theory already binding under EU law.

One of many fears haunting Brussels these days is that, since the Brits got a better deal by threatening to quit, what’s to stop other countries from coming to the table with demands for concessions?

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  • dawnsblood

    The problem with the EU is that the countries that are part of it do not agree on what it should be. Some want it to be a “United States of Europe” and other just want a loose trading bloc. There are still others that are in the middle somewhere. Until they decide that, everyone will do their best to carve special deals that make the EU what they want it to be. This is simple human nature.


      Then there are the Irish, Greeks and Spainiards who just wanted some free money.

      • Tom

        The Irish deserve a little more credit than their Mediterranean counterparts. They’ve actually tried to fix themselves.

    • John Morris

      Or perhaps a few finally saw the trend lines move and see where they lead. The original U.S. Constitution also created a loose trading and mutual defense bloc, doesn’t look like Brussels (ok, really Germany) will need a century to shred their original deal and forge an empire. Some are seeing the future and not liking it.

  • Episteme

    Somewhere in the EU, there’s some nation growingly opposed to the federal coalition but well-aware of their lack of a pithy mnemonic and so consigned to their fate…

    • f1b0nacc1

      The Austrians?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The cracks in the dam continue to grow larger. It seems like it’s just a matter of time before the dam fails and frees up all the pent up pressure.

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