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The Great Fall
Beijing’s Reality Denial
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  • Anthony

    China is bearish on China. Indeed, facing economic headwinds, China predicts slower growth in 2016.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    $1+ Trillion in foreign currency has left China in the last year, and the rate has been increasing. That is 5.55% of China’s likely bogus GDP number. And the capital that’s is leaving, is the foreign investment capital, the most productive capital, that was responsible for the so called “Chinese Economic Miracle”. China is being left with an economy which is 50% owned by the government which is uncompetitive on world markets, and a small private sector that can’t possibly support the unproductive Government and Government owned businesses.

    • Pait

      You might want to consider that all this capital is coming to America because of the excellent policies and administration of President Obama. I don’t actually think that a president is that powerful, but indeed it is a fact that the US is doing better than the rest of the world, and if foreign currency had been going from the US to China the president would be blamed, fairly or unfairly, so the lest one can do is consider the reverse argument in his favor.

  • PoohBear57

    Remember what the Chinese do when expecting trouble from their internal population: they create external diversions to distract their citizens from whatever the troubling domestic issue is. In this case, they seem to be ready to precipitate a military crisis in the South China Sea, so they can then tout their challenge to the US attempts to maintain open seas in the international waters that China now spuriously claims as its own.

    I’m not looking forward to that confrontation with Mr Obama still in office.

    Meanwhile, the Russians and ISIS continue to make gains in the Middle East, while Turkey’s saber-rattling may well add even more to the chaos in the area. As well, ISIS and its surrogates have metastasized to Libya and beyond in Africa.

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