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Will Twitter Narrow the Overton Window?
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  • Blackbeard

    As always, the Left is inherently totalitarian.

  • JollyGreenChemist

    I am an active reader of R S McCain’s blog, TheOtherMcCain. McCain excels at ferreting out the places on the internet where feminists speak to each other (such as Tumblr) and are thus candid in their misandy, their heterophobia, and their burning zeal to smash the patriarchy. McCain than quotes them verbatim in his blog posts and tweets. This constitutes “harassment” according to feminists. What they fear is their hatred being exposed to the public view.

  • Stephen

    Every social media platform controlled by a corporate entity will eventually curb speech. Every one. Twitter is a private company and corporate entity. It can do as it wishes with its product and property. Quite apart from his political leaning, Jack Dorsey is not an advocate of free speech. He and Twitter have lost that moral claim. He and they have taken the side of a long historical line of those who would try to ban that which they can not defeat in open discourse. That line did not begin with Jack Dorsey and it won’t end with him. But, we do know who else has been in the line he and Twitter joins.

    RS McCain, lost his site, but has he lost his voice? Samizdat. They suffered far worse repression than anything that Twitter can dish out; yet people knew about them and what they thought. Twitter is a terrible site for conveying ideas with any depth of analysis. It’s good for providing links to long-form sites. Anyone can provide a link on Twitter to any site they wish. All that Twitter has done is refuse to engage McCain on Twitter. Ultimately, that is a self-limiting model. As long as McCain and others provide compelling content, others like Twitter will have to engage with him on his site, be that his blog, Facebook page, or books that he writes and which are bought.

    Twitter will remain a vehicle for rapid communication: Politicians will continue to find it useful, for now. But, I’m not sure that Twitter will be growing their advertising revenue through their current policies: policies in practice that violate their own charter. Shadow-banning and outright banning ought to raise questions of legitimacy about any statistics they present to advertisers.

    • Stephen

      P.S. To answer the question in the heading: No. Trump has blown-out the wall containing the Overton Window.

      • Jim__L

        … For a certain share of the electorate. For a large chunk of the rest of the electorate, anything Trump supports may end up being tainted by association.

        On the other hand, if he keeps saying things like “the Iraq War was a mistake”, that may counteract the tendency for people who otherwise disagree with him violently to dismiss everything he says.

  • jeburke

    Odd that Twitter banned McCain but still hosts uncounted terrorists, isn’t it?

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