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To Your Health
ACA Falls Short on Emergency Room Goal
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  • Andrew Allison

    You overlooked one obvious explanation: deductibles are so large that people put off treatment until it’s an emergency

  • Blackbeard

    This is not a surprise at all as we had the example of Romneycare in Massachusetts to show that increased insurance coverage did not decrease ER usage. Probably a major reason is that, insurance or not, doctors are just not available on short notice, on weekends, late at night, etc.

    • Jim__L

      It didn’t used to be that way.

  • Dale Fayda

    For the umteenth time, TAI… The goal of Obamacare was never to improve healthcare. It was to impose total governmental control over the insurance industry and to expand the number of people of the dole (Medicaid), thereby setting up the stage for single payer.

    Jonathan Gruber’s big mouth had made that abundantly clear, if it wasn’t before. Talking about Obamacare’s departures and deviations from its “stated goal” is like critiquing the old Soviet five-year plans for not hitting their target production numbers. Both were pure progressivist fantasies with no basis in economic or political reality. Neither could possibly work as advertised – it’s simply an impossibility.

  • jeburke

    Of course, it’s cultural. Some people are incompetent. Some are irresponsible. Some are rootless, devoid of family ties. To offer an extreme example, do we think a dope addict who spends most days strung out is going to navigate a website to sign up for the right health plan? How about the guy just out of prison? Or the daft homeless bum drunk on cheap wine?

    Then there are those who are enrolled in Medicaid or an ACA plan but never bothered to take the trouble to find a doc and establish a patient relationship with that doc, so he/she will see you without a long wait. And the young single people who still think they are indestructible and uninterested in spending any money, however rich the government subsidy, on insurance. Plus, the illegal aliens.

    Critical question no one is asking: Before 2009, a routine argument for “reform” was that 30-40 million people did not have health insurance, but lately, Bernie and Hillary have been clamoring for more “reform” because 30 MILLION AMERICANS ARE STILL UNINSURED. So, what exactly has Obanacare accomplished?

    • mgoodfel

      It’s not just incompetence, etc. These days, in a big city, the ‘doctor-patient relationship’ is nonexistent. The doc has hundreds of patients assigned to him, and barely remembers you. He looks at your records on his computer screen, orders a bunch of tests, gives generic advice, and then you are done. Almost exactly what you would get if you just walked into an emergency room.

      And if you are the type of person who can’t get off work to go to the doctor during the day (or take your kids), the ER is your only choice.

  • Fat_Man

    The whole idea that the ERs are full of people with runny noses and minor rashes on their tuchas was and is nonsense. I have spent an unfortunately large amount of time in ERs over the past couple of decades. First, the ER is open during the 3/4ths of the week when doctors offices are not open. But, we have been sent to an ER by our doctors during their office hours upon examination by them because we needed treatment or procedures they could not or would not perform in their offices, including stitches, IV infusions, and rapid tests. Also, the triage nurses in the ERs we have been in seem to be very good. I doubt if those patients who are not really ill, ever get past the waiting room.

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