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The European Immigration Crisis
A Turning-Point in the Refugee Crisis?
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  • Jim__L

    In related news, Merkel told a cheering crowd of Germans, “I’m going to build a yuge wall to keep the Middle Easterners out! And I’m gonna make the Americans pay for it!”

  • ljgude

    No dramas as we say in Australia. We have already been there and done that. Our bull headed former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, got one thing transcendently right – refugee policy. It was simple and direct – stop the boats. Not some of the boats – all the boats. Period. The refugee lobby screamed blue murder and it upset a lot of people. But when the dust settled it became cleat that 1200 people had drowned under the previous arrangements and the number of people in detention were steadily dropping. And we learned that people smugglers was a much bigger part of the problem than most us recognized. The opposition Labor party has come to support the policy and when fellow Liberal (ie conservative party in Australia) party member Malcolm Turnbull pushed Abbott out of the prime ministership the people smugglers started a boat toward Australia to test the arrangement. Turnbull said clearly the policy remained and it turned back. So yes, this is a very promising change and for once a supra national organization is in a very good choice to put in charge of enforcement. Turn them right around and send them back. If NATO or Angela Merkel need counseling, all they have to do is give Tony Abbott a call.

    • Frank Natoli

      What specifically was it that Abbott did for you to characterize him as “bull headed”? And was he “bull headed” about a right issue or a wrong issue?

  • Greg Olsen

    The optics of this will be terrible. This is going to look like the illegal migration to Israel after World War II, when the British began depositing intercepted illegal Jewish migrants bound for Palestine into DP camps in Cyprus. These migrants went from one concentration camp to another. Imagine the images of NATO sailors transferring Middle Eastern migrants to camps surrounded by barbed wire in Turkey being broadcast on 24-hour cable networks.

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