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WRM in the WSJ
The Terror Threat

Our very own Walter Russell Mead has a review up in the Wall Street Journal of Peter Bergen’s new book United States of Jihad. A taste:

Peter Bergen has written what in effect are two books about terrorism. Both are valuable. One is a riveting, thoroughly researched account of the evolving state of the threat as a growing number of American citizens join the ranks of foreign terrorist movements—and of how U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies are addressing the constantly shifting threat. The other is a skilled defense of what Mr. Bergen would say is the moderate, middle-of-the-road approach that has characterized the Obama administration’s anti-terror effort: one that attempts to steer between the perceived extremes of panicky overreaction and a failure to acknowledge how politically and socially devastating terror attacks can be.

WRM goes on to note that the Obama administration—and Bergen—may be too sanguine about the magnitude of the threat posed by jihadist terrorism. Read the whole thing.

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  • ljgude

    Well, got through Murdoch’s paywall using the same technique I use to read things in the Australian. 🙂 I think WRM’s review is more balanced than those published in the NY Times – one from Napolitano and the other from Kakutani nether of whom had much to say against it. I think WRM’s review is better because it takes Obama to task for making unsubstantiated JV team type claims about terrorism but fails to ding him for downright big lies like trying to frame terrorism as workplace violence. He even tried it on with San Berdoo, but I notice both reviewers in his house organ – aka the NY Times – refer to the Christmas party shoot up as terrorism. Overall I think WRM’s review errs on the side of minimization of the terror threat. Not because it is necessarily greater than it is, but rather the size of the treat is unknown. But as Rummy would point out it is mostly a Known Unknown attended by an unknown number of Unknown Unknowns. Therein lies the danger of minimization and the right response to that sort of situation is not panic, but deliberate alertness.

  • GS

    Well, I hope that President Donald Trump would address the problem properly.

  • lukelea

    The bigger issue is whether Islam is compatible with a liberal society? And if not, then what? Without prejudicing the outcome, we must have the courage to face the unthinkable, which includes a willingness to do what is necessary to preserve our civilization should it turn out that the answer is no.

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