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The Old World in Trouble
Just Another Day in Europe

Europe was once the world’s most boring continent. Not any more. Here’s a selection of just one day of stories.

Turns out that the leader of the Paris attacks was just one of dozens more jihadis were smuggled in among the refugees, according to credible testimony. France is braced for more trouble:

The latest testimony, which was reported by French media Thursday, came from a woman who provided information that led French police to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian who is believed to have orchestrated the Nov. 13 killing spree in Paris that left 130 dead and hundreds injured.

The woman, who spoke under the pseudonym Sonia, accompanied Mr. Abaaoud’s cousin,Hasna Aït Boulahcen, to a hidden encampment along a highway north of Paris in the days after the attack to meet Mr. Abaaoud.

She said Mr. Abaaoud told them that he arrived in Europe without documents, among the refugees, along with 90 other operatives, including French, British, German, Iraqi and Syrian citizens, an official familiar with her testimony said. The woman testified that Mr. Abaaoud said his network had operatives in the Paris region and elsewhere in Europe, the official said.

About 50 to 60 of the operatives in Mr. Abaaoud’s network entered the European Union by sea or land through Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, according to a Western counterterrorism official. The operatives traveled from Syria through Turkey to reach the EU borders, and then spread to various countries including France, Germany, Spain and the U.K., the official said.

Meanwhile, the EU cut an already grim economic growth forecast:

Growth in the eurozone and the wider European Union will be slightly weaker this year than previously forecast, the European Commission said Thursday, warning that the economic slowdown in China and other emerging markets, as well as failure to deal with the refugee and migration crisis, could further hurt the economy.

The economy of the 19-country eurozone is expected to grow 1.7% this year. While that is a slight improvement from the 1.6% growth in 2015, it is somewhat lower than the 1.8% expansion the commission had forecast in November.

In Greece, there were riots over austerity:

Clashes erupted between demonstrators and police in central Athens Thursday as some 40,000 people marched during a nationwide walkout against pension reforms.

A small group of hooded youths broke off from the main crowd and threw Molotov bombs and rocks at police, who responded by firing tear gas and stun grenades.

The crowd quickly dispersed, but a short while later a group of some 40 youths threw fire bombs at the nearby offices of the socialist Pasok party, causing minor damage.

The first cases of Zika in Europe were confirmed in Spain:

Spain has confirmed that a pregnant woman has been diagnosed with the Zika virus – the first such case in Europe.

The health ministry said the woman had recently returned from Colombia, where it is believed she was infected.

In a statement (in Spanish), the health ministry said the pregnant woman was diagnosed as having Zika in the north-eastern Catalonia region.

It did not release the woman’s name, saying she was one of seven confirmed cases in Spain.

It said two more patients were in Catalonia, two in Castile and Leon, one in Murcia and one in the capital Madrid.

Germany hunts terrorists:

German police have arrested two Algerians suspected of planning an attack and having links to the militant group, Islamic State (IS).[..]

About 450 officers were involved in the raids.

One of the men detained, reported to be aged 35, had been living in a refugee shelter in the town of Attendorn, east of Cologne, and is wanted by the Algerian authorities for alleged links to IS.

Police said “investigations show that he has been trained militarily in Syria”.

And steps up security elsewhere:

Cologne has beefed up security for the city’s annual carnival, after many women suffered sexual assaults and robberies there on New Year’s Eve.

The city in western Germany has put 2,500 police officers on the streets for the week-long event.

Germany was shocked by the New Year assaults, largely blamed on migrants. More than 100 women were victims, but the full scale only emerged later.

And, of course, Russia is moving toward a military doctrine that would make the use of nuclear weapons more likely:

Desiring to close the gap between itself and NATO, Russia has elevated the use of nonstrategic nuclear weapons in its military strategy.

This elevation, “risks lowering the nuclear threshold,” Brookings Institution senior fellow Steven Pifer writes for The National Interest.[..]

Pifer notes that the core concern is Russia’s development of low yield nuclear weapons. These weapons are key to Moscow’s developing strategy of “de-escalation.” The strategy, in short, states that Russia would respond to any conventional war which challenges its statehood with some number of limited and strategic nuclear strikes.

Until relatively recently, American foreign policy thinkers presumed that Europe was one of the most peaceful regions on earth, and that such problems as it had could be handled by European nations and the EU without any serious need for U.S. engagement. Such fantasies now lie in the past; it’s well past time for a pivot to Europe.

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  • WigWag

    “Such fantasies now lie in the past; it’s well past time for a pivot to Europe.” (Via Meadia)

    Nope; it well past time to begin planning for how our country deals with a world where our allies who helped us win the Cold War (Japan and Europe) are dead and buried.

    Like Japan, Europe has entered its dotage.

    • CapitalHawk

      I think you are wrong about Japan. Europe is well on its way to becoming the Middle East/Africa in the north. As they say, demography is destiny. And the recent addition (and likely future addition) of millions of young Arabs will probably seal the deal for the Europeans. Japan may have fewer people than in the past, but it will remain Japanese.

      • Beauceron


      • Jim__L

        … And will continue to be called “one of the most racist places on Earth”.

        • CapitalHawk

          By people living in gated communities with 24/7/365 armed security who send their kids to de facto segregated schools.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Unlike the EUnicks, the Japanese don’t find being called racist all that frightening. That is why they have a chance, albeit a very slim one.

          • Jim__L

            I think you’ve hit upon something important, the implications of which I’m a little hesitant to touch.

          • f1b0nacc1

            My friend….I wish with all my heart that I was wrong, but I am not

          • Jim__L

            Let’s see what a constructive approach can get out of those implications. I’m going to skip over the “racism is bad, m’kay?” lecturing, assuming that everyone deplores present rudeness and past crimes.

            – Traditional American culture, a culture commonly associated not just with Dead White European Males, but also associated with liberty, self-sufficiency to the point of largesse, motherhood, independence from government, Christianity, science, technological advancement, etc, is worth not only keeping individually today, but also politely and confidently spreading to others in America (and to a prudent extent abroad), and preserving into tomorrow down through the generations. It is appropriate and necessary that our laws and institutions should reflect and encourage this.

            – There is no necessary connection between race, and this culture. Just like Christianity is spreading throughout the world among peoples unlike its earlier practitioners (goyim themselves), there is nothing that any American should like better than to see Traditional American culture spread throughout every race in this country.

            – There is no reason that anyone, regardless of race, who embraces this culture can’t be accepted as full social equals by everyone else who embraces this culture. I think that this is far more obvious to those who embrace this culture than it is to the PC/SJW crowd. In fact, the biggest fear of the PC/SJW crowd is that the minorities they prey upon will realize that any friction between them and traditional Americans is cultural (and therefore open to positive change), not racial.

            – Attempting to halt the propagation of this culture, as PC/SJW attempts to do to propagate their own inferior culture in its place, is obviously deadly to America and Europe.

            Racism can protect the propagation of an explicitly racial culture to some extent, but it is not a *necessary* way to propagate any culture but an explicitly racist one. In fact, in a culture like ours that is based on *ideas* (some of which are listed above) rather than “blood and soil” racial doctrines, racism is actively harmful as it discourages intellectual solidarity.

            So while the Japanese culture might barely survive by being racist, I think that following that model is a distraction from the thriving that is possible for all races under Traditional American culture, given enough of us who can confidently and politely spread our culture throughout this country. It’s hard work, but there’s no reason to despair. =)

          • Tom

            As the kids say these days, mad props–you get it.

          • Jim__L

            That’s very kind of you — spread the word!

          • f1b0nacc1

            Once again, I agree with you, but I suspect that it isn’t as easy as all that. The PC/SJW culture is also a culture of hedonism, immediate gratification, and a lack of discipline. It is easy to sell those things to the young and inexperienced, as well as those who lose out in the more traditional culture, and make no mistake about it, all cultures have losers. It is far simpler to tell the 18 year old college freshmen, or the poor inner-city black, or the frustrated rural white that their predicament is the result of ‘those guys’ at the top than because of their own failings, or that things will improve if they take the right steps to do so. It is easier to pretend that the nostrums of the SJWs have no costs, or that socialism is just about fairness if you don’t know any better, and that is what the left depends upon.

            More to the point, the Right has made the enormous mistake of allowing the Left to dominate the high ground of culture: media and academe, and has no real message to challenge that of the left, even if such a message is possible in the first place. I don’t disagree that we need to fight this pernicious decay, but I am simply unclear that it can be done…it is far easier to sell self-indulgence and force the ‘other guys’ to pay for it than it is to encourage self-discipline, respect for liberty, etc.

          • Jim__L

            Check out an online publication called The Federalist. There are still voices of reason and sanity in the world — we just have to get together, and not allow the Left to make us feel isolated or hopeless.

            America is worth saving. So is traditional American culture. Fractures are appearing in the SJW wall, and we need to be prepared to pour through any breach.

          • f1b0nacc1

            I am a big reader of the Federalist, and enjoy their work a great deal. Please don’t mistake my pessimism for despair….I wouldn’t be working with the kids if I thought the future was without hope, and if I did, they convinced me otherwise by their actions.

          • When reproduction halts nothing else matters.

          • f1b0nacc1

            Only when you are permitting immigration…the Japanese do not. Now that doesn’t mean that they don’t have very long term problems (an empty country), but that is a far, far less severe (or immediate) problem than what the EUnicks face.

        • Albert8184

          Notice…. they don’t CARE what people in the delusional parts of the world call them. They laugh at them. Because most of the world is laughing at the delusional parts of the world while the delusional parts of the world smugly make plans to commit suicide.

          • Jim__L

            Japan’s demography doesn’t give them any room to laugh. Besides, laughing is very un-Japanese anyway.

      • The aging population just cannot maintain the society. They will have to import labor, robots or no. Probably that will be Chinese, Philipino, Korean. Japan will simply subsume. Shinto and Hello Kitty! already enjoy equivalent reverence. Only a spike in birthrates to ethnic Japanese can even slow this down and that is not in the Pokemon cards.

    • Beauceron

      Europe is gone, its future is Islam. I don’t think we should be expending money and lives and time on the lost cause that is Europe.

      The US will have its own problems soon enough and should not be focused on pivoting anywhere but back to its looming domestic problems. I’m afraid US foreign policy specialists will have little to do in the future, as we will have to focus less on the world and more on our own massive issues.

      • Arkeygeezer

        When we are advised to “pivot to Europe”. what are we going to pivot with? American lives? American money? We fought two wars to save Europe. I think that is enough.

        We are not capable of fighting a real war any more. Better we should take care of our own problems rather than policing the world to conform to our values.

    • jhp151

      To any real extent, Japan doesn’t allow immigration. With no strong evidence otherwise, I would guess Japan’s low birthrate is due to population density issues.

    • Albert8184

      There isn’t going to be a pivot in Europe when there is nothing to pivot on, or with. It’s like expecting a block of granite sitting on a flat expanse of sand to pivot.

  • CapitalHawk

    I note that three of the items on your list of horribles (terrorists in France, terrorists in Germany, rapists in Cologne) are DIRECTLY tied to the European (cough, German, cough) decision to invite millions of refugees into the continent. Of course, if you are opposed to inviting terrorists and rapists into your country you are a racist (even though the underlying problem – Islam – has no racial component, but I digress).

  • qet

    Pivoting toward all points of the compass simultaneously, which TAI in effect advises, is called spinning. Hard to keep your balance when you do that.

  • Jim__L

    Do not underestimate the ability of people to turn a major problem around, once they realize it’s a major problem.

    Europe may share the fate of Byzantium, it’s true — the modern Manzikert may have been lost without even being fought.

    The only real question is this — is Europe capable of valuing motherhood? Picture a woman — even one with a good education and good job prospects — taking several years in her 20s and early 30s to have and raise two to four children. Will the culture allow that woman to say, “What I’m doing is as important as whatever paid employment I’m choosing not to do”? Or will the culture pressure her to give up her children to the care of the State, or use birth control to the point that those children will never exist?

    Any culture that rejects motherhood will die. It’s that simple. Can Europe turn that around?

    • f1b0nacc1


      Why would that putative woman value what she is doing? She lives in a society that has rejected God, rejected any sort of sense of higher purpose other than satisfaction of her immediate personal appetites, something that motherhood would certainly thwart.

      • Jim__L

        Would they prefer Sharia? That’s really what it boils down to.

        Third Wave feminism — Second Wave, for that matter — does not have survival value.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Actually we agree here, but I fear that much of your good sense is lost on the idiot feminists. They believe that they will survive the collapse of the West, and that only the embrace of its more empty goals is the worthy life….they will discover the very bitter truth that they are wrong, but you won’t convince them of that with sweet reason.

          I live in the Midwest, there is much here that is worth saving, and that I believe will survive….but it will not be a pretty process.

          • Jim__L

            As I advance towards middle age, I’m running into more and more of my female contemporaries who feeling their biological clocks running out. For every woman who follows the “wait until 35 to have kids, and then have as many as you can between 35 and 40” standard, there appear to be several who (because are unmarried, married to the wrong guy, or “married” to a woman) are going to end up childless — very much not by choice.

            It may be easier on women outside of Silicon Valley, because the rewards for chasing a career are greater here than elsewhere, making the choice to take a career offramp a harder one. But considering the overall birthrate in this country, it’s easy to conclude that 2W / 3W feminism is just as destructive elsewhere.

            Women are noticing. One question is, can they fight against peer pressure enough to realize the truth? And are enough going to speak up to make a difference?

          • 35? Biologically that is damn near dead.

          • Jim__L

            The studies they show each other say basically, from 35 to 40, fertility declines to about 80%. 40 to 45, the decline is from 80% to 50%.

            I think those numbers are “no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you spend on state-of-the-art medicine”. Unassisted, except perhaps by the drinks the CDC wants to deny them, women may have far lower chances.

          • f1b0nacc1

            I do a lot of volunteer work with a robotics group, and the composition of the parents is quite interesting, as well as quite frightening. Of the 20 kids there, all but three are from single parent families, and none of them have a father present who has regularly shown up for our sessions. Note that these are upper-middle/upper income kids, and the coven (my way of referring to the mothers) is almost entirely composed of professionals and upper management. The few two-parent kids are from the lower-income strata, and their fathers are deeply involved in the program. We actually have a gay couple as well, and both parents are seriously involved in the work.

            My point here is that the upper-income women seem to all share very similar characteristics….they are single, have 1-2 kids (usually the former, and aren’t having more. They are in the 35-45 age range, and what I find most interesting is that despite the fact that most them are reasonably attractive physically (not so much otherwise), and go to elaborate lengths to maintain/sustain their physical appeal (workouts, expensive clothing, etc.), they seem to have no outside social life whatsoever, and most of them haven’t for a great many years. Obviously I don’t know the whole story, but the pattern is almost universal among the members of the coven, as well as similar groups of parents I run into at regional meets, etc.

            This isn’t a healthy trend, and I don’t see any reason to believe it is going to change.

          • Albert8184

            It’s only going to change when whites have rendered themselves extinct in the West and the only people left are the rest who’ve held on to traditions of large families.

          • Jim__L

            Those kids will realize what a disservice their mothers have done for them, and will be on the vanguard of change.

          • f1b0nacc1

            I have a lot of faith in those kids, most of whom are in the other room cheering at the Super Bowl….

          • Jim__L

            Well then they know what fatherhood means. Keep it up, and they’ll understand.

          • f1b0nacc1

            Kind of you to say, but I have no children…..though these kids make me wish that I did….smile…

          • Jim__L

            Ever seen “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”?

          • f1b0nacc1

            Many times….and thank you for that very kind reference. I wish that I were worthy of it

          • Albert8184

            No. The feminists DON’T BELIEVE the West is going to collapse. They believe – hilariously – that it is in the process of SAVING ITSELF from the Dark Ages with the wonderful utopian panacea of social democracy and multiculturalism.

          • Jim__L

            That fact that their struggle is a struggle against reality is why we should hope… reality is on our side.

        • Albert8184

          They might prefer Sharia once they realize they might have to fight a 100 year war to avoid it.

    • Albert8184

      I prefer to not underestimate the ability of Europeans to start world wars once their propensity for self-destruction reaches critical mass, thus cracking their veneer of civility into a million pieces.

      • Jim__L

        They don’t have the wherewithal anymore to start wars like that. You shouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

        • Albert8184

          The “wherewithall?” Jim, this is an ability that doesn’t require much in the way of anything.

  • Fat_Man

    “Such fantasies now lie in the past; it’s well past time for a pivot to Europe.”

    Not until the Europeans admit that they have a problem and start taking concrete steps to solve it.

  • hcat

    I’m afraid that many of Europe’s immigrant cultures are “rapey,” and I don’t think it can be blamed directly on Muslim doctrine.

  • Misanthrope

    You can be sure German police are on high alert, with orders to arrest any German who dares interfere with muslims having their fun.

  • Some hundreds of thousands have come. Millions are already on the march and millions more loiter around the starting bloc. This is not even the end of the beginning, fellow babies. Long around Independence Day we might crest and see before us a long plateau…. leading to another upslope. Forward.

  • MarkJ

    “…it’s well past time for a pivot to Europe.”

    Nice thought but Obama has enough trouble pivoting toward a golf course.

    • Donald Campbell

      Obama has no intention to ‘pivot to Europe’. His plan for the destruction of Western Civilization is going along very nicely.

      • Tom

        He has no plan to destroy Western Civilization.
        How can I tell?
        Something would be going right, in order to lull us into a false sense of security.

        • Donald Campbell

          Honestly, I don’t know anymore. Originally, and with his re-election in 2012, I think there was some showcasing to think we were doing OK, but I think in the last couple of years, he has realized he really can do whatever he wants. The LameStream will never call him on it… I mean they are the same ones asking ‘What experience does Trump have at being President’? How about “More than Obama, at least Trump lives off his own money, Obama hasn’t done that in decades.”
          I also think that Europe is a sterling example of how paralyzed Western Civilization is from Political Correctness. All these messes going on even for decades, and no one reported for fear of being called ‘racist’. Obama has thus gotten a free pass, because no one wants to complain and be called racist.

  • blackdog

    More evidence of the destructive nature of dependence on others for your sustenance. Though it is difficult, standing on one’s own hind legs individually and as a community, even a nation, will produce superior returns over time. Risk, while present, is overstated.

  • iconoclast

    There was good news out of Europe though:

    “A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday….Police arrived to break up the fight but locals report that they threw a few punches at the refugees before arresting 33 of them. Eighteen refugees were in such bad condition they had to be take to the hospital.”

    Murmansk is in Europe.

    • Tom

      That’s…okay, I guess. I’d like to see a definition of “brutally assaulted,” though. Break out the curb-stomping, or just general fisticuffs? The latter is alright, the former less so.

      • iconoclast

        I am trying to care–and failing. I would draw the line at killing them.

    • Jim__L

      Murmansk is in Russia. Not much of Europe is in Russia.

      • iconoclast

        Quite a bit of Russia is in Europe (as long as we are pretending that Europe isn’t really part of Asia). Furthermore, if Finland is in Europe then so is Murmansk.

        • Jim__L

          Sorry for the ambiguousness. I was pointing out that a policy in Russia might not be common to all of Europe.

          • iconoclast

            No worries.

            Your point is well-made–most of Europe would recoil in horror from an unspoken policy such as seems exists in Russia. But then again Russia doesn’t seem to be suffering from multiple attacks by rapefugees so maybe the Germans and Swedes should pay close attention.

  • John Tyler

    The best way for the USA to address Europe is to leave them alone.

    Only when they see, feel and realize that they are facing an existential threat to their way of life, will it force them to do what they

    must to survive.

    The USA cannot make them “see the light” no more than ridding Iraq of Saddam made Iraq a shining example of representative democracy, peace, tolerance and stability.

    We here in the USA have our own problems that must be addressed, and maybe, finally, we can once again adhere to the forgotten advice of George Washington and Alexander Hamilton; ” do NOT get involved in the affairs of foreign nations.”

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