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The Syrian Civil War
Assad Attacks as Talks Falter
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  • qet

    The President should dispatch the Secretary of State to give those rebels a good talking to about how Shiaphobia betrays our values.

  • Dale Fayda

    Obama’s “smart power” – share the fantasy…

  • adk

    For US and EU, the just wages of weakness and appeasement.

    In particular, it’s hard to overrate the stupidity of John Kerry who apparently thinks that incessant talks with Lavrov and kissing Putin’s ring would help anything.

  • f1b0nacc1

    Putin and Assad are no fools. How I wish I could say the same for our ‘leaders’.

  • iconoclast

    Remind me again why unseating Assad is so critical to our national interest? And why swamping EU with savages is such a good idea?

  • gabrielsyme

    As has consistently been the case, it is the rebels who attempt to approach negotiations with unrealistic ultimata, and thus block any diplomatic progress, whereas the Syrian government and Russia have consistently signalled their willingness to negotiate different constitutional and power-sharing arrangements to resolve the civil war.

    Finally, we need to question the notion that the Syrian government is uniquely responsible for the humanitarian disaster. Assad did not choose this war – it was chosen by the rebels, and the moral blame needs to be apportioned out with regard to that fact. However, the salient moral question is how to bring the war to an end and provide a stable existence for the Syrian people going forward. The ethno-religious cleansing practiced by many of the rebel factions indicates that such a solution needs to be one that includes significant participation by the existing government, with or without Assad.

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