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Francis Fukuyama: ISIS Will Not Establish Viable State

In a recent interview with RFERL, TAI Chairman Francis Fukuyama explained that neither Russia nor ISIS have established forms of social organization that can compete with liberal democracy in the long run. Putin’s regime, he said, has been sustained by a commodity boom that is on the wane, and ISIS is unlikely to be able to extend its appeal beyond a narrow swath of intensely alienated people.

As we’ve written before, “the ideology that undergirds ISIS isn’t just bad in the sense of evil. It is bad in the sense that it does not provide a framework that can organize the life and work of a community on a productive and enduring basis.” We can’t sit idly by while ISIS slaughters people by the thousands—indeed, we should be more aggressive about confronting and defeating it—but we should also not fall into the trap of believing that it represents a credible civilizational alternative to the Western way of life.

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