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The New New Republic and the Plutocratic Left
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  • Jim__L

    The Leftytechie cult is obsessed with sustainability and profitability, so TNR gets sold.

    On the other hand, Leftytechies have a skewed calibration about what it means to be profitable — if Hughes had managed to secure generous government subsidies for TNR, he probably wouldn’t have sold it.

    • Andrew Allison

      Tesla, and the other Musk companies built on government subsidies of various sorts appear to be safe then LOL.

      • Jim__L

        It still blows me away that Lefties can think that being born a fatherless white boy in the poorest part of Appalachia is “privilege”, but deny that having your favored means of transportation (the electric car) subsidized at every step of its production, and then the cost of your leasing it subsidized by tax rebates until it’s pretty much free, and then having a law that allows you to drive it solo in the HOV lane, counts as “privilege”.

        Privilege means “private law”. It means formal inequality in the eyes of the law, to the benefit of some specific group. That’s what electric car fans have.

        It’s pretty much why neither Leftytechies nor Latte Liberals will ever have the broad appeal they feel entitled to in this country. They are just simply blind to the fact that their own irrational preferences are far from universally held, and when given power they privilege those preferences at others’ expense.

        • Andrew Allison

          I find myself in violent agreement with you [grin]

  • Pete

    Another leftwing rag in trouble. Can’t wait until the same happens to the New York Times, or is that rag too big to fail?

  • bottomfish

    Magazines like Slate, Atlantic (much of the time), Vox, and The New Republic have a general similarity: leftist politics, short sentences, a tendency to present the facts so simple-mindedly as to seem designed for high-schoolers, and raucous, demonizing headlines (in Slate right now: “Koch Brothers’ Father Helped Build Nazi Oil Refinery”). Another trademark is the large number of articles, all short, as if the method was to grab as many people with limited attention spans as possible. Perhaps the market is becoming saturated. Hence the failure of The New Republic.

    • qet

      There is no “as if” about it. This is precisely the required method for the vast bulk of today’s Internet surfers. Sadly, I don’t exempt myself altogether from the trend, though I do attempt to resist it.

  • WigWag

    Yes, yes, its all true: Chris Hughes major talent was having the foresight to be randomly assigned to the same dorm floor as Mark Zuckerberg. It’s certainly true that Hughes accelerated the demise of the magazine that began when Martin Peretz hired Andrew Sullivan (probably so he could have sex with him) and then Peter Beinart as editors in chief.

    But before we become all misty-eyed at the fate of the old “New Republic’s” stable of journalists, it pay to remember that a sizable number of New Republic pundits have gone on to become today’s media elites; the same media elites that are detested for excellent reasons by tens of millions of Americans.

    Which pugnacious and pusillanimous pundits are we talking about? It’s not just dopes like Sullivan and Beinart. It’s creeps like Dana Milbank, and arrogant and annoying bloviators like Jacob Weisberg, Sidney Blumenthal, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer, Jonathan Chait, John Judis (a particularly apt name), and Spencer Ackerman. Of course, who could forget the precious Stephen Glass?

    It is no exaggeration to say that the elite media that Americans hate with such ferocity today got its start with “journalists” who cut their teeth at the New Republic.

    • Jim__L

      So what’s the solution for elite media? The avuncular Walter Kronkite was before my time, but from comments I’ve seen of him he seemed to be loved (or at least trusted) in ways that today’s media figures simply aren’t… so it is possible.

      • WigWag

        I’m not sure what “the” solution is, but one partial solution may be more political leaders like Donald Trump who aren’t cowed by media types and are perfectly willing to tell the media to go blank themselves.

        • Jim__L

          You think the media has gotten too used to docility in the people they cover?

          • f1b0nacc1

            No, but the opposite is true. The media has morphed into court stenographers, and while this was always true to some extent, is is blindingly obvious now. When the media is a creature of one political party, and the ‘elite’ of that party at that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they quickly lose any appeal that might have had.

            Combine this with the growing democratization of information dissemination, and it is difficult to see how they survive…. Good riddance…

          • bannedforselfcensorship

            Republicans are so frightened of a government shutdown that they gave power of the purse to the minority party and the president.

            Why are they frightened?

            Because the media is 90% left-leaning and can assign blame to them and hype the actual danger.

            On the other side, Obama runs into trouble with real world news? He throws some stray voltage and the press obliges.

      • f1b0nacc1

        Uncle Walter was respected, but I rather doubt that he would be today. There were three television networks when Walt was an icon, no internet, a half dozen magazines of any real note, and a couple of dozen newspapers. It was easy to shape the narrative, and mold opinion. These days the blatant bias, obvious manipulation, and general disdain for the polity that was part and parcel of what Cronkite was would be easily exposed. He might still be loved by one slice of the population, but most of it would have little use for him.

  • The New Republic is a journal of FICTION. How has that been forgotten? There is nothing to lament about the sinking of this vessel for acceptable Stalinism except that, sadly, a great many of its rats have fled. Straight to hell with The New Republic and every piece of commie filth it ever employed. Yes, that includes Peretz and the soft-core commies of yesteryear. You are all culpable. You live in unearned comfort to undignified dotage. Die, this little death and fear the oblivion of the real one which might (might!) include violent judgement on your crimes. Forward.

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